Monday, December 12, 2011

Funktion GIVEAWAY! Ditch your Diaper Bag!

I am so excited to share this NEW and AMAZING company with you. FUNKTION!

Stay tuned for a $199.99 Mommassentials set giveaway too!

As you know, I am all about practical products, ethical companies and giving back anyway you can to make a difference. Funktion says to, "Ditch your diaper bag!" I know at some point in your life you will know someone who is pregnant, you might get pregnant, or have kids and need some style and organization of your current hand bag!

Funktion realized the need for the essentials that MOST all diaper bags do not have. If they do have have nice features, it seems they're country bumpkin flower print or have Disney characters. And, well, that's not my thing. Being a Mom of 4 I need the essentials and that is it. I have seriously had 5 diaper bags in as many years. The bag I have now is perfect because of Funktion.

Let me break this down for you before you click purchase for yourself or that next shower gift.

Changing pad- This is amazing. It is a one-hand folding system and wipes up great! And it has a great a slot for the most fabulous wipe case.

Wipe case - This is my favorite. I have tried so many wipe containers and finally just resorted to a ziploc bag. Until Funktion. It keep the wipes MOIST and it does not open in my diaper bag! LOVE IT!

Bottle holder - Cutest bottle holder ever and it really works. I could fit 2 bottles in it. Great size.

Clutch- This is brilliant. I use it in my diaper bag, but you will also see me with when I am out with my girlfriends.

Grab bag - This in the beginning was such a much more stylish bag than a plastic bag for my blow out poop clothes. It is now used as my snack bag...I cleaned out the poop. Speaking of, remember this story?

Cosmetic case - Used for baby lotion, hand sanitizer, tampons, kid's lip balm and two of my lip glosses. This will always stay in my purse. Being a makeup artist I think I have had some super cute makeup cases. But, a coordinating cosmetic bag for my diaper bag. LOVE! It also keeps all of these essentials in ONE place vs. all the pockets you think you will use when purchasing a diaper bag and then you can never find ANYTHING!!

Paci purse- Because I have two babies right now, it's important to me that this little fella holds two paci's. Until the time comes to unplug them that is. :)

If you have your favorite handbag and/or a diaper bag that makes you still feel stylish and pretty. Keep it. Carry it. But, throw these beauties from Funktion in your bag. They are so essential to my EVERYDAY use. Not to mention the happy vibrant colors! And, let's not forget quality!

Be sure to check out their Giving Back page too!

COUPON CODE: 25% off with code: blondespoopandmascara

WIN IT: The Chick in Charge at Funktion is giving 1 Blondes, Poop and Mascara reader an entire Mommassentials Set. That's a $199 value!!

To enter, just leave me a comment about your biggest diaper bag problem. It could be a story about having forgotten a diaper in it, how it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment on your flight, etc. A random winner will be selected on Friday, December 23rd.

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5) Pin a designer baby bit on Pinterest

Be sure to leave a comment for each entry. The more you enter the better chance you have to win!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade Jewelry review and GIVEAWAY!

If you know me, then you know I LOVE supporting, and buying from companies that are HANDMADE and make their products right here in the USA. I am excited to share with you my MOST complimented piece of jewelery....

I am blessed enough to have reviewed for Lauren Nicole Gifts not once, but 2 other times. I LOVE her work. It is simple...creative...and just perfect. All my pieces have had my children's name and I just keep adding names. I am 99% sure there will be no more name adding!! I can't tell you how much I love my new necklace and how much I love wearing it with all of my boys names on it!

When I think about gifts I can't think of more personal gifts than what Lauren Nicole Gifts has to offer. Everyone loves monogrammed items. Such a nice touch. And every item comes already wrapped and in a very cute bag.

Buy it: You can buy my awesome necklace here along with other bracelets and earrings. If you order by December 15th you will receive your orders by Christmas!

Win it: Lauren Nicole Gifts is giving one Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader the same necklace I have. A personalized Mother's hand-stamped Layered Dome Necklace with a Bead Charm.

You must tell me your favorite Christmas tradition you do with your children to enter! Or, if you don't yet have children and you're hoping to win this for your Momma, what is your favorite tradition she's done with you?

Extra Enrtries:
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Remember to leave a comment for each entry.

I will be randomly selecting an entry this Saturday, December 3rd. Good luck!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

New and Improved Pampers review and GIVEAWAY!

It's been SO long since I have blogged. I am still trying to figure out the wife - mommy - buisness owner balance. Though I might always face that challenge ... I feel so blessed.

It has been a big year...I turned 30, LA turned 5, Boatboy turned 3 and started preschool, Trey and Quatro turned 1, I nursed the babies until they were 1, my business has close to doubled. I am loving being a Momma of 4 boys. It is CRAZY, but so fun. The boys love me so well.

The last month I have received some amazing products to review. I can't wait to share them with you and offer some really amazing giveaways!!

First things first - the new and improved Pampers Cruisers that hit shelves a couple months ago. I was sent what was supposed to be a week supply, but let me remind you I have twins. So they lasted a few days! After watching the boys crawl around in them I realized a few unique things about the diapers...

1. They are SO similar in feel to the Pampers Swaddlers (which I have been a huge fan of for all 4 boys when they were infants)...I loved the the very soft cloth feel. Well, the new Cruisers design is the same. I love it!

2. A more absorbent core (much longer) and very fun Sesame Street designs!

3. They are SO thin. It was very nice to throw them in my NEW Funktion changing pad (you will hear about very soon)! This is SO important. I don't want a bulky diaper or a thin one that leaks.

I am very impressed with the comfort it provided my very sensitive/exezma skinned child, Trey. Not one leak, blowout or rash.

I am excited to give away one Blondes, Poop and Mascara reader a Jumbo Pack (size 3-7) of newly improved Pampers Cruisers with 3-Way Fit diapers, a 64-Count Tub of Pampers Wipes and Hasbro’s new Let’s Rock! Elmo. Elmo comes with his very own microphone, tambourine and a drum set and sings sings six rockin’ songs.

To enter you must tell me your very favorite thing about being a Mom (or Dad)!

Extra Enrtries:
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2) Follow Pamper on Twitter @Pampers
3) Tweet about this giveaway something like this "Yeah! @blonde1s of #BlondesPoopandMascara is giving away a jumbo @Pampers prize package"

The winner will be chosen on Monday, November 14th.

I will be reviewing a new and amazing company called Funktion, my favorite shoe company, Pedipeds and my most complemented new piece of jewelry in the coming days!

Product and information was provided free of charge in exchange for this post and giveaway from Pampers and doesn’t affect my views or feedback of the product or service. This post is based solely on my personal opinion.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

a four boy photo shoot

We had the pleasure of working with Brian and Jen Stump of Twice Shy Design again last week to get some up to date photography of all four boys. Some favs from the recent shoot are below and plenty more are at this link. Enjoy!

Twice Shy Design also shot Uncle O & Aunt Elisha's wedding back in 2007 and has done some work with Beauty by Crystal.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

put a label on it

In September I began looking for labels for LA (4.5-yr-old) as he was about to start school. I needed to find labels for his coat, backpack, lunch bag, etc. It was incredibly hard to find labels that were...

1. Dishwasher safe for his lunchbox/drink containers
2. Washer/dryer safe for his coat and backpack

That's when I stumbled across When I found a "school pack" package option I truly thought this is way too good to be true. They carried everything I was looking for and more for an amazing price!

When we received the set LA was so excited. I was overwhelmed by the quality of printing and thickness of the labels. So we spent an hour labeling. We labeled EVERYTHING!! His coat, hat, lunch box, crayon boxes, reusable lunch containers and his sweat shirts.

WOW, it is 4 months later and the labels have been washed MANY times and they look just as good as the day we received them. Outstanding! I have found many more ways to use them. No need to pull out the marker, I just grab a label. These things are the best!!!

I can't wait to order for labels for Boatboy (2.5-yr-old) and the twins next. If you need labels look no further. Label Daddy is awesome. You will be so pleased!

Check out all the ways you can make labels with many different package options!

Thank you Label Daddy for sending me these amazing labels in exchange for sharing an honest review on Blondes, Poop & Mascara.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

alive and well

Where have I been? It's like I had twins or something! I have not been on this blog for quite some time. I usually only have enough energy while nursing to scroll through Facebook updates.

I have been trying to figure out life with four boys...4 and under. So much has changed for me. SO much good!

I have had to become much more diligent about asking God for strength and patience each day...

nursing twins 6 times a day and giving LA and Boatboy the love they need from me each day...

learn how to love my husband and keep him a priority as I deeply want too...

learning how to get 4 boys dressed and in the car for LA's preschool is always challenging...

how to find time to get back in shape before I turn the big 3-0 this July!!!

So as you can tell, I am still trying to figure life out. It is a fun journey and I am blessed!

That being said I have been delayed on sharing some great products with you. You are very familiar with the oh, so great Eleven shoes if you have been following me.

I chose the Miles for sweet LA. Definitely my favorite 2010 shoe. They are a part of the 2010 Fall/Winter collection line. I love them!!! While LA wears them to school and he looks super studdly and can even wear them to gym class because of the great rubber sole. LA puts them on and zips them on his own. The insole of the shoe is extremely cushioned. I could go on and on. The great thing is... after 5 months of wear and tear he is about to grow out of them....and they still look perfect to pass on to Boatboy. These shoes are true quality.

Believe me when I say quality is very important to me, because LA only has a pair of black and brown casual shoes and gym shoes. So I need a pair of shoes to last an entire season. If you have boys you know kids are so tough on shoes. LA jumps in puddles and in mud in these oh, so great shoes as I tell him you do not have your snow boots on....and they still look so great. There is no secret I love dressing my boys in Eleven shoes!!

I am so excited to be able to give away yet another pair of Eleven Collection shoes from their Fall/Winter line to one lucky Blondes, Poop and Mascara reader.

Win: Let me know what pair of shoes you would pick if you are randomly selected and why.

Extra Enrtries:
1. Follow my blog publicly through Google's easy reader tool.
2. Subscribe to my blog via email (and except the confirmation email).
3. Follow @mrsblonde1 on Twitter.
4. Tweet about this giveaway like so "Yeah! @mrsblonde1 of #BlondesPoopandMascara is giving away a pair of @ElevenShoes"
5. Blog about this contest and leave the post link in your comment.
6. Tell 4 friends about this giveaway via email, provide a direct link and cc me (
7. Sign up for Eleven's newsletter on their website and let me know!

Thanks so much for entering! I will select a winner on February 2. And thanks Eleven Shoes for allowing to review these amazing shoes in exchange of this review.

Monday, November 08, 2010

First family of six photos!

Our dear friend Katelin Carter of Full Pockets Photography has been taking photos of our family for years now. Our first session ever with her is so fun to look back at now.

Last night we had her take our first photos as a family of six up at Mrs. Blonde's Aunt & Uncle's new gorgeous home in the burbs. Below are just a couple from her original sneak peek blog post.

All smiles! From left to right - LA, Mr. Blonde, Quatro, Mrs. Blonde, Trey and Boatboy

Can't believe how tall LA and Boatboy are getting.

To the smilers go the spoils. GIANT marshmallows!

Thanks, Katelin. We love you!

Friday, October 15, 2010

H2 Oh No!

This post is inspired by 2010 Blog Action Day. This year's topic is water.

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.

If you're a veteran visitor to the Blondes, Poop & Mascara blog, you know how big of a deal this has been to us in the past. In particular the Well Water Project comes to mind. A campaign our local church body ran from Easter to Christmas to raise enough monies to give to Horizon International to build two clean water wells in Zimbabwe, Africa. We succeeded too! It was actually this fund raising project that inspired the beginnings of what has become Fashionthropic. A non-profit T-shirt company that gives away 100% of it's proceeds. Zero capital means you can give it all away! The Quench Thirst. Give Life. shirt continues to be one of the best sellers in the store.

In the last decade, there have come to be SO many wonderful organizations dedicated to helping provide the world's lesser of these clean safe drinking water. There are several larger wonderful organizations like World Vision, Oxfam and we've already mentioned Horizon International that help, but here is our short round up of orgs that specifically exist to combat this issue...

Blood: Water Mission

Wine to Water

Charity Water

If you didn't know, now you do. Use your voice. Post. Blog. Tweet. Raise awareness. Support one of the organizations listed above. Don't take for granted the clean water you have. Educate your children. Don't do nothing. We leave you with this short video from Blog Action Day...

Blog Action Day 2010: Water from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

school is now in session

As if we don't have enough milestones & transitions in these Blondes, Poop & Mascara parts these days, we hit another joyous one 3 weeks ago. LA's first day of pre-school. Ask him and he'll tell you it's "school not pre-school!"

We've all been excited about this for such a long time. He'd been wearing his backpack every day for the better part of two weeks in preparation.

Though our little 4-year-old has spent some of his life with other people and in other groups (Sunday Church gatherings, house church, sports teams, etc) he'd never spent hours on end under the care of someone we weren't related to or know really well. So, there lies the struggle for me the Momma. He will be under the influence of two wonderful teachers from 9am-2pm, two days a week. This is a lot for this hormonal Momma. I know it is SO good for LA and he already LOVES it. There is still a little piece of me that just wants to keep him a bubble at home. I know with the arrival of the twins it is a much needed break for me and him twice a week!

What would back to school time be without some new kicks?! We received another pair of adorable and very practical shoes from Pediped in trade for an honest review of their product. LA loves his new Jake shoes from the flex line! What could be better than a pair of super cool casual brown shoes that function as a gym shoe. The soles are so comfy for gym class and sturdy enough for the playground. And, they wash up quite well! Trust me, we know. His favorite part of his playground at school is the sand area. Well, there or anywhere his little girlfriend Clair goes. Though according to him, "She follows me anywhere I go."

This is our second pair of shoes from the Flex line. We love them just as much as the first pair. The Flex line comes with insoles that can be removed as your child's feet grow. So, you get a long wear from these shoes.

As I have mentioned in all my other Pediped reviews, I love that Pediped says their shoes are "the next best thing to bare feet."

Check out Pediped collections and especially their new Grip n Go collection. I am excited to try a pair in the future!

If you are a fan of Pediped like me be sure to check out Kinderbliss. A new catalog and online shopping destination with beautiful and unique items for children from the founder of Pediped,

fragility and magnificence

It's been so impactful. So tiring. So wonderful. So exhausting we're just getting around to talking about it in this cyber place.

September 2010 marks the most dramatic month in existence for us. We already knew it was going to be incredibly awesome and life-changing anticipating the birth of the twins. Little did we know, the birth of Trey and Quatro were but the tip of a glorious and painful iceberg that plummeted well below the surface of the status quo.

Somewhere around a week and a half prior to doubling the amount of sons in our family, something quite unexpected happened to me (Mr. Blonde) in my company. After a turbulent last year and a half where leaning out and cuts were taken to mortally anorexic extremes, I found myself honored as the recipient of a promotion. I often see things coming my way. Surprises aren't incredibly common in my life. This surprised me. Bigtime. I enjoy what I do, how I do it and who I do it with. I'm incredibly blessed in that way. And, if you're not an IZOD IndyCar Series fan, you should be. Check out a 2010 highlights reel I recently put together. How can that not be entertaining to you? Even Cubs fans could like it (Go White Sox!).

THEN, came our welcoming Trey & Quatro into the family. If you're just catching up. Their birth announcement is here. Their birth story is here. We continue to be amazed by them. I'm certain they feel the same way about their big brothers and their parents as well.

Less than one week after they were born, we got a call from Nana (Mrs. Blonde's Mom) at 6 in the morning. Anytime a phone is ringing that early in our house, it's typically going to be followed by bad news. This was no exception. Hearts raced with panic as we learned while working on an extension ladder at his job in downtown Indy, Papa (Mrs. Blonde's Dad) had fallen 10 feet to the ground. He lay there in a pool of blood caused by the gash on his face. Unable to move in almost any direction due to a busted hip and shoulder, he laid there fully conscious wondering how bad it really was. We're SO thankful for the lady prepping for a women's prayer meeting that saw the accident, for quickly responding medics and the staff at St Vincent Hospital for their immediate response to his situation. Two surgeries, a long stay in the hospital and extended stay in rehab later, he's progressing extremely well. In fact, he just got permission to leave his wheelchair last Friday. Keep at it, Papa! You'll be tossing around grandsons again before you know it!

A couple years removed from a toxic marriage, Mrs. Blonde's best friend Nicole and her new-ish boyfriend Steve stopped by unannounced one afternoon while Mr. Blonde was still on his paternal vacation. It was abundantly clear through their gitty squeals what was affirmed when she showed us the gorgeous gem on her left ring finger. Her: a divorcee with two toddlers. Him: a widow with four children of his own. Their story is 100% unconventional and even more beautiful. They wed on New Year's Day with Mrs. Blonde as the maid of honor. We are oh so excited for them and their families to be unified!

The month ended on the lowest note of all. Another early morning phone call. This time it was a call from Grandma (Mr. Blonde's Mom). Again, heart racing, it was so hard to understand her through the desperate sobbing. Uncle Greg had died suddenly at the age of 50. He and Aunt Donna (Grandma's sister) were less than a month into being empty nesters as they'd just seen their youngest daughter off to college. He'd just taken a fantastic job after struggling through the economic decline as an I.T. guy. And, while in Scotland on business, having been Skyping with his family (even his Mom) the night before, died in his sleep as a result of his Type I diabetes.

A few truly magnificent things to take away from Greg's life here:

* He lived his life 100% in the ways of Jesus. Not just because he looked forward to Heaven, but because it's a better way to live here and now.

* The man had influence. Consistent, powerful influence. Never arrogant, often comedic, but always sure of who he was, who his family was, who his friends were and who his God was.

* Despite his health problems the man did not complain. Seemingly ever. This was a familiar theme throughout all of his services and celebrations.

* His wife adored him! His children wouldn't hesitate to claim him as their hero. In short, he's everything I (Mr. Blonde) could dream to be.

At his funeral Greg's youngest brother Keith shared the best short story about his oldest brother. Keith had run into Greg and a friend over their lunch hour. Keith walked up and said hello to his brother. Greg said hello in return, introduced the gentlemen sitting with him to his younger brother, then turned back to the man he was dining with and asked, "And, your name is?"

In addition to all of that, as you already know, LA recently started pre-school and Mrs. Blonde's business, Beauty by Crystal, won on the A-list again.

See. It's. A. Lot!

It's cliche. And, it's true. This life isn't predictable. Live it now. Things happen in a flash and you canNOT control most of them. Couples find out they're having twins and have no idea how that's going to work. Men fall off ladders and survive when statistics indicate otherwise. Teenage daughters play moving 10-minute piano medleys at their Dad's funerals. Marriages go bad when husbands break promises leaving ex-wives and children in the painful wake of their selfishness...only to find the perfect man with his own story of loss.

Dwell on yesterday...fixate on tomorrow...and you'll miss out on living today.

To SO many amazing friends and family...Thank you! Thank you for meals. Thank you for doing dishes. Thank you for phone calls and texts and emails and stopping by. And, babysitting. Going to see Mrs. Blonde's Dad while he was in the hospital. For understanding why we couldn't make the gatherings we typically do. Without all of your support, we wouldn't be experiencing God like we are in lives. We're richer because of you!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty by Crystal: 2010 A-list Winner

For the second year in a row my company, Beauty by Crystal, was nominated for the category of Best Wedding Make-Up Artist in Indianapolis on WRTV's A-List. And, for the second year in a row, I won 3rd place! Placing this well against some very talented fellow artists in the area is such an honor. And, a big congratulations to my friend Kathy Moberly of Faces by KLM who finished in 1st place this year!

Thank you so much to my clients and any of you Blondes, Poop & Mascara readers that may have voted for me. I adore what I do! And, I love hearing how much you like what I do too!! :)

Keep up with my work as a make-up artist on my website and via my twitter account @BeautybyCrystal.