Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Brothers Where Art Thou?

<-- Trey & Quatro being monitored while hanging out in utero together.

Prior to the birth of the twins, Trey & Quatro, brother was a term already used quite often between LA and Boatboy.

"Hey brother, come here!"

"You're handsome brother!"

"Brother hit me!"

"I love my brother all the way up to the stars and moon."

With the entry of the twins, the term is being used in, it seems, every other breath. I suppose growing up a member of the Four Brothers Blonde it will continue...forever.

Our last family photo of four, LA and Boatboy came to visit short after admission to the labor room.

...and provided some pre-birth dance entertainment for all those in the room.

Trey (in foreground) & Quatro under the "incubator" (as Papa called it) less than an hour after coming into our lives.

L-O-V-E this photo. Some of you likely already saw it via our Twitter account. One of my (Mr.) favorite ever, actually. A proud (& GORGEOUS) Mrs. Blonde with her two new guys.

Oldest brother LA came to the hospital to meet his two new little brothers. Including learning their names which he insisted for 9 months were Baga & Momen. 'Cause he's funny like that. He even convinced Boatboy that's what they were to be called. We thought he would take to them, but he was so much sweeter and into them than we had originally imagined. Some very very cool moments. -- So sad, but Boatboy didn't get to meet his new little brothers until they came home as he'd had a cold.

Sleep deprived and proud Mr. Blonde showing off half of his fleet of sons.

The twins in their take-home outfits.

LA & Boatboy playing with animals together while their new brothers were getting aclimated into their new home. This photo was taken right when Boatboy grabbed LA's nose and said "HONK!"

Boatboy making sure Papa is giving him as much attention as is being given to Trey.

LA stealing some cuddle time with Quatro while Nana is holding the wee one.

Boatboy says "I wanna see!" "I want to help!"

It's the coolest thing to grow up with a brother. Mrs. Blonde did it. So did Mr. Blonde. But, neither of us had more than one. All our boys get to each have three brothers! That's so cool! Stay tuned for a photo of them all some point.