Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Toot Bear

We've been through this before. You are aware that my funny bones are acutely honed in to anything having to do with poop and tooting. Even though I laugh out loud every time LA toots, I do make him say excuse me. My son toots, no joke, 15 to 20 times a day. Easily. He's been mega-gassy since he was born. I think we once held unspoken stock in Target's fake Mylicon.

Well, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. My mom, Nana, (well, let's not just blame her...Papa laughs plenty too) bought a "toot bear" well over a year ago for when LA got old enough to play with it. Of course, this is mostly for her enjoyment.

The concept of the bear is quite simple. Give someone the cute loveable teddy bear. Once they take him, push the remote and toot! Wireless flatulence on demand. Much to Mr. Blonde's liking, the toot bear resides at Papa and Nana's house.

Because of the toot bear LA likes to play his very own toot bear game at home WITHOUT the actual toot bear.

It started the other day when LA came up to me and not having been prompted in any way whatsoever asked...

"Mamma, You want to play the toot bear game with me?"


"You take the fake remote (motions hand toward mine as though he handed the remote off), and push it with your thumb and I will toot."

I take the remote and pretend to push a button lunging the remote slightly forward. Then he audibly grunts and TOOTS ON COMMAND! A bit surprised, I begain laughing hysterically! So, of course he is too. And, we continued to play toot bear for a while that afternoon.

I know you are probably thinking, "Doesn't she have anything better to teach her children?" Evidently not. And, it was HIS idea anyway! :)

What a creative little "toot bear" I have. Oh, the joys of motherhood! I love it!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

love at first wrap

Wearing your baby in a wrap is so comfy and soothing for your child. I've always thought of it as a post-utero womb sort of experience for my little guy. Not only is it a bonding experience, but it's comfortable for me as a mother too.

The good folks at Sleepy Wrap created their invention in the best way an invention can be created. Out of need. After the birth of their daughter, they really wanted to keep her close to them instead of just laying her down. They tried slings, but all seemed to put undue stress on their shoulders and backs. Wallah! Sleepy Wrap!

Why choose Sleepy Wrap over another wrap?
  • gives great support for little heads and necks - especially when your baby falls asleep and when you are on a long walk and need great support

  • custom fit- simply tie the wrap carrier snug against your body and no matter what body type you are, it will fit! They even having videos online to help you. Worried about your post-baby muffin top? (Good I'm not the only one.) The fabric (cotton/spandex blend) is so incredible it doesn't make it look like your oozing out.

  • holds your baby high - the fabric bounces back unlike the t-shirt like material of other stretch baby wraps to keep your baby snug against your chest

  • feels soft on your baby’s skin

  • more snug than carrying a car seat

  • grows with you and your baby - it's optimal for infants (even premies) yet you may continue to carry your baby with this wrap baby carrier as long as you are both comfortable

  • evenly distributes the weight of your baby - much more supportive than carrying with your arms, on one shoulder or your hip.

  • affordable- a great value seeing that your baby will probably begin to walk on his own before he outgrows the wrap.

Boatboy loves to be wrapped! He feels safe and secure and can look around. It allows me to be hands free to wrangle LA while he's running around. I wear Boatboy when I cook, walk at the zoo or children's museum, shop or any other time he is tired. He falls right to you can see below. He is out like a light!

Buy it: Click here to pick up your very own Sleepy Wrap or purchase one as a baby shower gift. There are over 10 colors to choose from! Sleepy Wrap is offering a 10% coupon code to all Blondes, Poop & Mascara readers. Just type "BlondesPoopMascara" by June 13th to get your 10% discount.

Thanks Sleepy Wrap! I love wearing my little guy because of your amazing wrap!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Helio to lead the race; Boatboy does about-face

On Saturday, the boys and I headed to the track for the end of Pole Day. It was a great time watching the "VERY loud!" cars race around the track. LA's favorites were "the McDonald's car" (#02, Graham Rahal) "the green one" (#11, Tony Kanaan) and "the yellow one" (#67, Sarah Fisher).

So, it wasn't too loud, we hung out in the suite for about a half hour. Great times! There really is nothing like Pole Day. Those cars are so trimmed out to go as fast as possible for four laps. That's 10 miles averaging speeds of 223mph. Crazy! I'm glad Mr. Blonde just markets them and doesn't drive them.

To top the day off, my absolute favorite driver got The Pole! Go Helio! Great story here on Castroneves in the Indy Star from today's paper.

To celebrate Boatboy got to graduate to his new face-forward seat. Thank you garage sales! Five bucks! Wash it up. It's brand new. Love finding deals!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To our Momma on Mommy's Day

Today we celebrate you with a short list of things we love about you...

* we have your pretty eyes

* daily craft and school time

* your culinary expertise

* the way you dance with us

* that you teach us about Jesus with not just words but action

* your patience; especially when you're tired or when you potty-trained me

* how you laugh over almost anything

* for keeping our clothes clean

* that you're consistent in guiding our behavoir

* for sacrificing your body to nurse and carry us in your belly

* for changing our diapers

* the way you love Dadda

(click on the montage above to enlarge)

Happy Mommy's Day!

We love you forever!
LA and Boatboy

PS - Dadda gave some money in your name to Love146 so other kids like us could be loved as well as you love us. See the card here.