Thursday, August 09, 2007

the Ostrich Bachelor Party

A little over a month ago, the soon-to-be-wed Ostrich-of-a-brother to Amos, Adam, was wisked off to Montana for a Bachelor Party not soon be forgotten by his elder brother, Ty Miller, Josh Cecil and Ryan Casey.

O didn't know where he was going until he opened up a gift (this shirt) at the Indianapolis airport. He was pleased.

A couple flights later + an hour drive to from Billings, the five arrive to Bozeman, Montana...guests of Drew and Kaycee for the next three days. Thanks again for the hospitality. You two were great to us!

First night, camping under the Great Sky.

Next day, to Yellowstone National Park. Trust's worth all the hype and then some. We saw bears, waterfalls, a wolf (some still argue it was only a coyote - city boys), a prehistoric tree, tons of elk, bald eagles, gysers, hiked, waded through boiling rivers, etc, etc. Outstanding place!

buffalo are large mammals

and should be approached very slowly

The Ostrich clipped his wing on a bolder during a hike. It clotted at superhuman pace and we cleaned it up nice and neat when we got back.

Look! Old Faithful!

"What a full day brother. Do you want to float down a lazy river tomorrow and get sunburnt?" "Sure!"
round the trip out with some laughs, brews and a few rounds of caps...

and a Bird is ready to get married!