Saturday, March 31, 2007

visiting my aunt and uncle

Landon and I are in Palatine, IL visiting my Uncle Eric and Aunt Debbie while Amos is in St. Pete for a race. We are having a great time! We are excited to head home on Sunday to see Amos, we miss him a lot! We only have 1 more day apart!

Landon is ready to hit the mall. He is doing great. Eating sweet potatoes, pears, and peaches this weekend and sleeping 12 hours in his pack and play. He is real trooper!!!

This is my favorite Aunt Debbie! Landon loves his Aunt Debbie. He does think she is quite silly. She dances around and snaps her fingers and Landon just laughs and laughs!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Daddy and Landon time

Amos was in Miami last week for the race and will be
in St. Pete this week. Landon loves his Daddy time!
Be sure to check out his legs in this pics. He is pushing 19 pounds as of yesterday.

Landon's and I have been strolling these days!