Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vday gift ideas

As you already know we love the notion of giving gifts to those we love that give back to others in need. Oxfam's popular Unwrapped program has some Valentine's Day ideas that are well worth checking out.

And, because Mrs Blonde is an admitted lover of all things cocoa bean, we'll talk a bit about the chocolate that Unwrapped is offering...

Your gift supports work to teach small-scale cocoa farmers in rural communities how to defend their land against environmental threats and encroachment by mining companies. With your support, these farmers will learn how to protect their land so they can make a decent living from the cocoa they grow.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Giveaway: Dwink Box

Every time my oldest son and I walk down the juice isle at the grocery store to grab our juice in a BOTTLE...My sweet LA says, "Momma juice boxes in summertime?" I do always feel bad, but he is only 2 (alright two and a half) and they are messy. We do not like messes over here. (Especially not Mr. Blonde!)

So I thought if these really work and we can have juice boxes in our home I am going to be thrilled. 1) LA will be so excited! 2) There will be no messes. I have put the Dwink to the test and it really works! I have even tried squeezing the box myself. No squirting!

Some other great features:
  • universal (standard juice box, soy milk box, juice pouch, etc)
  • comfortable handles for little fingers
  • non skid bottom helps prevent spills
  • available in 4 colors
  • made in the USA!
Believe me when I say...this product is awesome!

How can you get one?

Buy it: only 4.99 on the Dwink website.

Win it:
1. leave me a comment sharing a funny mess story
2. leave me a comment confirming you've added my button to your space
3. become a follower
4. become a subscriber

The winner will be selected randomly Febuary 10. Thanks for entering!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Papa's boys!

LA wanted Papa to go to the museum today, so of course he came with us. We had a blast! There was absolutely no crowd today due to 3 inches of snow, I guess! LA and Boatboy say, "Go White Sox!"

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winner: Eleven shoes!

Congrats to Shannon!

Wow, thanks to all 347 of you who entered my giveaway. If you didn't win you can still get own pair of awesome shoes from!

In the next 24 hours stay tuned for the next giveaway!