Saturday, March 21, 2009

Giveaway: Go Belly Go custom necklace

If you are pregnant..When are you due? Say it in style with a Go Belly Go necklace. I found this very fashionable everyday necklace. It is such a great way to let everyone know when your baby is coming into the world.

If you are carrying a child, I know you want to tell everyone you talk too. I sure did! Especially during the I-just-feel-fat-and-not-yet-pregnant stages. So tell the world with your own "Due in ____" maternity necklace. It is a beautiful and simple piece of jewelry that makes an awesome keepsake for the baby book when you are done wearing it!

Hannah (The Mom/Owner) of Go Belly Go could not resist designing a necklace for woman to show off their blooming bellies and announce their due date in style.

This Go Belly Go necklace makes such an awesome gift for the famous question: "When are you due?" It comes in a beautiful silver box. The pendant is made from zinc and hangs on a 18"sterling silver spring clasp closure. And it is handmade in good ol' USA!

I love this necklace and I can't even wait to be pregnant again to wear one myself!

Buy it: Head over to Go Belly Go and support a stay at home Mommy that has created a unique product! Get 10% of your order by sending an email to and letting her know you're a Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader!

Win it: Hannah has graciously agreed to give away one necklace of choice to a Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader. Head over to Go Belly Go and let me know which one you would choose and why you should win this pendant. If it's for you, tell me about your expectant bundle of joy. If it's for a loved one, let's her about her story.

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Thanks for entering! I will select a winner March 28, 2009.

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Congrats to
Doll House said... I would choose September as that is when our little one is due! (but I am ok if this buddle is an August baby!)

Have you ever seen...

...a front tooth this big on an infant? I mean seriously. Click on this photo and have a look at the magnified version. That thing if huge!

Friday, March 20, 2009

fun in the sun

LA kicking around the prestine soccor ball Dadda found in the creek last weekend. Pretty sure we have creek flooding near the soccor field upstream to thank for this new pastime.

He's almost too big for this swing anymore! Wow. This will probably be the only summer both boys can use it. Then, we'll need to upgrade to an old Firestone racing slick or something.

Throwing walnuts in the creek.

And, busting up sticks for the firepit. We're not certain if LA or Mr Blonde enjoy this more. One thing's for is always fun for boys.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Giveaway: Sunglasses for Spring!

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of Sunday, July 1, 2012, we have been asked to remove all links to Sunglass Warehouse dot com by their communications staff. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Who doesn't want a new pair of sunglasses when the seasons or trends change? I know I do but I can never afford a new pair. Sunglass Warehouse offers the newest hottest sunglasses for Men and Woman. Sunglasses for any budget.

The prices are so affordable! All of the glasses are under $20 and they start at 7.99! They are quality. They fit and feel great. I am picky when it comes to my sunglasses and so is my husband. We both have sensitive eyes and have to wear sunglasses all the time! You would be crazy not to head over to Sunglass Warehouse and pick out a new pair of quality High Fashion oversized sunglasses.

Buy a pair: Go get a new pair of sunglasses at the Sunglass Warehouse

Win a pair: Sunglass Warehouse is graciously giving away 2 pairs of sunglasses of your choice to 2 Blondes, Poop & Mascara readers. Just leave a comment letting me know which pair you would choose.

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handmade perfection

I would like to introduce you to Nicole of Little Miss Lexie Designs. Perfection and quality met with a true eye for design. Little Miss Lexie designs was started out of Nicole's love for color, design and sewing. Her first creative love came in the form of faux painting and putting together draperies for her own home. She has now moved to designing clothing and bedding for toddlers and babies.

Nicole says, "I feel so blessed to have a God given passion and talent for placing different textures and colors together and watching them take shape!"

I have seen her baby bumper pads, quilts, shams, pillows, dresses, pants and boys t-shirts. You would be crazy not to purchase a piece of Little Miss Lexie clothing. Her items scream perfectionist! She is so easy to work with and keeps customer service top of mind. Tell me you haven't you ever envisioned having your very own custom bedding made just to your liking? Or super adorable little girls clothing handmade or very cool boys t-shirt?

I know I have. When I was looking for the perfect nursery bedding, I just couldn't find anything that I absolutely loved. It would have been great to pick out my own fabric and have it handmade to my liking!

She is even open to making an item that is not listed on her website. Just recently I wanted a guitar on a boys t-shirt. So, I picked out the t-shirt and she suggested fabric for the guitar and wallah! Believe me when I say Nicole is very easy to work with.

I love supporting a Mom who puts work into her passion into her talents. Head over to Nicole's Etsy shop Little Miss Lexie Designs!

As mentioned, she does custom made-to-order work too!