Thursday, April 22, 2010

my wife is making me cheat

I mean, that's what it is, right? Circumventing one of the biggest surprises you can get in life is cheating. It just is. To me anyway. If you think I'm crazy or old-fashioned or just plain wrong, I think you're wrong. But, I might be wrong.

We've never done this before. We've never found out the gender of a child prior to birth.

Sparing you the details, I saw my oldest son's head for over two hours and didn't know he was a he until the final push. That two hours for me was otherworldly. It was as intense a situation I've ever been in. We were SO excited. So joyful. So scared. And, Mrs. Blonde was in serious pain (the typical kind of pain though...meaning no major trauma was taking place that God didn't design her to handle). After he was born, I was the one that got to walk out into the lobby and declare my son's name (LA here in blogville) to our closest family (August 2006). It was a defining moment for all of us. I think especially for me. When a new father gets to declare his firstborn son publically a pride from deep within emerges that he didn't even know needed to emerge to begin with. Think of that Lion King scene.

Then, we got to do it ALL OVER AGAIN when Boatboy was born in May 2008. I only got to see his head for like 7 minutes before we knew he was a he. But, still just as authenticating of an experience.

Two years-ish later (January 26)...

Mrs. Blonde: "We are so finding out this time!"

Mr. Blonde: "No we're not. It's cheating. We are NOT finding out!"

/ time lapses /

Banter back and forth. Often of the playful sort.

/ time lapses /

March 1 (excerpt from "discovery" post)...

A few ticks over 30 days since we found out. Ultrasound day! By 10:30amET we got the news we so desired...a happy-perfectly-growing-170bpm-heart-of-a-peanut growing inside Mrs. Blonde's belly! Life! Baby little nubs and baby little swimming... happened....

A moment that will work to define the rest of our lives as a family. It...our little peanut...has a neighbor. The same size. The same movements. The same size little sac home as its little friend. We have two already. And, we're getting two more. By October 2nd or sooner we're doubling down.

It wasn't before we left the doctor's office I made two concrete decisions...

1) I'm getting a vasectomy for Christmas

2) You (Mrs. Blonde) can "find out."

Tomorrow: we "find out." Mrs. Blonde is out of her mind excited. I am too. But, I still feel like it's cheating.


For those of you (and there are SEVERAL) that just can't wait to hear from us, I am going to attempt to remember to tweet the news which should be around 2pET. Make sure you're following our tweetroll over @blonde1s


Kristin said...

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Welcome to the club. We like to call ourselves "planners" though.

Flesworthy said...

We found out with our twins--I had lots of ultrasounds, so I figured I'd rather know than be worried I'd catch a glimpse of something or have somebody accidentally use a "him" or "her" pronoun.

And besides, the "whoa, there's TWO of them" aspect provides a lot of excitement when they're born! If you still want to make a delivery room proclamation, could you consider keeping their names a secret until the big day?

Best of luck! I'll be one of the many refreshing their Twitter page tomorrow.

designHER Momma said...

I don't want a tweet - I want a personal call. love you guys! :)

designHER Momma said...

But I will freak the freak out of your tweet tomorrow!

Shannon said...

We love you guys and think this is SO EXCITING cheaters or planners either one. I am particularly with Kristin in the planner category. We weren't disappointed one bit. Just think of all the shopping that can be done between now and then to get ready!! Anyways I had a dream about you guys last night that it was 2 that means it's 2 girls ;). CANNOT wait to hear!!!! Love ya, Shan

Jordon Manis said...

OH MY!!!! I saw something on Ty M's facebook page that I thought suggested that you two were having twins. I apologize that I haven't visited the blog in WAY too long (new laptop, new bookmarks) but I am ssssoooooo excited for your family. Having twins is the most WONDERFUL experience. We found out too, I can read an US and just couldn't notlook (tried not to peak for #3 and if was way too obvious, hehe)! Oh I am ssooooo happy for you! Amos, call me sometime, or e-mail me.