Sunday, April 25, 2010

New shoes for LA: Pediped

Once again (1st review: 3/09 | 2nd review: 8/09) Pediped has graciously sent me another pair of fabulous shoes for LA (3.5-year-old boy) to try out. I am always excited to receive new shoes in the mail even when they aren't for me. Because I LOVE hip shoes for my 2 little guys. And, if you haven't heard...we will be adding TWO MORE little guys to our family sometime in September.

Pediped has come out with their new 2010 Spring/Summer collection and introduced a new technology that blows me away. This Spring/Summer it is all about washable and keeping the feet dry and odor free! Say goodbye to dirty and smelly shoes in our home (Can you imagine what it's going to smell like after basketball games with four boys in the house?!)! DRYZ is a specially-formulated, odor resistant insole that controls both moisture and temperature. A version of these insoles sell online for $15.99 but are included free in this pair-a great deal, but is included in the Spring/Summer collection!

We were able to review the super cute and sporty Adrian in Chocolate Brown and Tan from the flex line. These shoes are MACHINE WASHABLE!! And if you are like me I have tried to machine wash other shoes before that don't claim to be machine washable and they turn out awful. These shoes are made with clarino, a wash and wear fabric that tolerates a rough wash and tumble. I threw LA's in the washing machine after a day full of mud and let them air dry. They result was perfectly clean shoes without shape or fit problems. There weren't even any hanging threads. Thank goodness because these shoes have to be passed down to 3 other brothers!

Pediped has always offered their exceptionally soft, flexible soles and uppers to help provide healthy foot development. Ultra flexible flex zones provide maximum flexibility and support natural foot motion. Shock absorbing cushions on each heel protect against impact and distribute pressure through-out the foot. Each pair comes with an additional 2mm insole to customize the fit so it's just right for each child. LA loves his shoes. As soon as I opened the package he got really excited and put them on himself right away! The downside was that his little brother (Boatboy, 23-month-old) immediately said "Want some too!" I felt so bad! But, I told him he would get these too. Luckily, that worked!

Go check out Pediped's amazing new Spring/Summer Collection. Follow them on Twitter too @pedipedfootwear. Let me know what you think.

Thank you once again Pediped for allowing me to review a pair of shoes in exchange for my honest review.

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Two more boys!! Congrats to you!!