Saturday, November 01, 2008


By the time Friday finally came, LA had been wearing his froggy costume almost every day for two weeks. And, thanks again to the awesome momma on Craig's List that gave us the costume for FREE! He loves it!

Froggy LA and Princess Ella playing in the leaves at a big party north of the city.


Boatboy was a pumpkin and so was Baby Sadie (Ella's little sis).

Huddle up for storytime!...

...and then complete breakdown. We're talking ...bawling and screaming. Pooh (Owen) is trying to figure out why in the world the Froggy just lost himself completely. All the other kids dressed up? Something he heard in the story? Did he think his Momma bailed on him? Don't know. Do know Mrs Blonde still counts herself pretty dang lucky. This is the first time LA has ever lost it to the point of needing to leave. At almost 2.5, that's not all that bad. But, leaving the party was indeed required.

Brother froggy and brother pumpkin.

Boatboy smiling at Dadda.

Froggy LA riding his bike around Papa and Nana's yard awaiting the trick-or-treaters.
Off to visit a couple neighbors while Amos and Crystal man the candy bowl for visitors.
Back from trick or treating and LA has a greeting for a little girl he was certainly fond of...

We had fun. Hope you did too!

the great pumpkin adventure

So, we're just getting some shots up now from last weekend's venture south with Papa and Nana to get the boys their pumpkins.

Thank you to the Canon timer and fencepost for this one.

Don't read this, just look at that shot again! How many girls are we going to have to beat off of him in a couple years?!

The Boatboy and Mamma snuggled up tightly.

Help! A sasquatch is taking LA into the woods!

Oh,'s just the husband.

pure cuteness

Nana and BB LIVE in sephia.

Papa and LA scoping out the horses. He didn't want to ride one. LA that is. Pretty sure Papa didn't either though.

At the pumpkin patch and catching a spin before we head out with ...

... a wonderful wagon full.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The "racecar"

So, I brought in the race car from the garage and cleaned it off for little Boatboy. Even though his little feet don't quite touch, he still had a blast!

.......LA doesn't miss out on anything as you can see. I found him sitting in the car, drinking his milk and watching Praise Baby this morning. When I asked him why he was in Boatboy's car he said, "I am a big baby." I always tell LA that Boatboy's toys are baby toys. So he wanted to let me know that he was a "BIG baby!" So I laughed and let him sit in the car. It can't be comfortable. Not as comfortable as it once was for sure.

It's amazing to me how involved LA is these days with his little bro. I love it! Most times it makes me tear up.

The best is when he sings "Jesus Loves Me." That sure makes up for the times when he is acting up! I never want to miss those glimpes of Jesus in my children. I always want to be so thankful for the amazing family God has given me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry giveaway

Congrats to Shannon!! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Teething Bling® was inspired by babies who like to tug on our jewelry. If you have a little one who is teething you know what I am talking about when I say "they want everything in sight in their mouth." And if you are expecting you will want one of these!

They have many brilliant products and they're all created by two moms. My little guy favors the bangles. You might be thinking are these really safe. YES! Smart Mom uses only the highest-quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone in the entire Teething Bling™ line. The material is non-toxic, latex-free, food–safe and even dishwasher-friendly!

If you don't already think they're a great company...They give back too!! This month, Smart Mom Jewelry is supporting breast cancer awareness with a special online offer. Purchase anything from their Think Pink line and they donate 20% of every sale to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

In honor of the many mothers and children who inspire us daily, a percentage of all retail sales goes to these worthy organizations:

Cure Search

Dress for Success

The Giveaway Goods: I am excited to tell you that I have a Onyx Donut Shaped Pendant to giveaway! (shown above)

To Enter: All you have to do is check out Smart Mom and tell me your favorite item and who would be using this pendant if you won! And if you would like an extra entry please subscribe to my blog! Please leave me your email address as well.

To Win: Hope I select you! :) I will pick a winner on Nov.1st! You will be notified via email and I will post your first name in a victor post here on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

More giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


No, not this...this >>>

When a guy is tired...a guy is tired.

Not your grandma's crochet


CONGRATS to Sarah from

I have always wanted a grandma around to crochet me blankets, slippers, berets, scarves and gloves. Have you ever started a project and never finished? Me too. I have started so many projects thinking this is the year I am going to learn to crochet a scarf and it has never happened. Thankfully, I have come across someone amazing!

Let me introduce you to Miss CaitiJo of CaitiJo crochet! CaitJo is an 18 year old independent crocheter from Georgia. Lets talk about her products. Quality. Innovation. Stylish. And great pricing.

I was so excited to receive my blue beret for the chilly season. I love, love, love it! It is so warm and cozy. That's me wrangling the boys for the classic pumpkin patch photo. Turned out pretty well we think. Of course, there's a slight chance we're bias...

She has so many beautiful items to offer. And if there is something you would like, she will make it for you!! How great is that?! So, for all of you girls like me who have half-knitted scarves stored up in a bag in the back room closet, you can now have the handmade comfy, cozy slippers of which you've dreamed. All of CaitiJo's products also make great gifts!

The Giveaway Goods: I am excited to tell you that I have a pair of CaitiJo charcoal grey slipper socks. They are wonderful! They are super comfy, have great give and are very soft!

To Enter: All you have to do is check out CaitiJo crochet and tell me your favorite item! Please leave me your email address as well.

To Win: Hope I select you! :) I will pick a winner on Halloween, this Friday the 31st! You will be notified via email and I will post your first name in a victor post here on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.