Thursday, October 30, 2008

The "racecar"

So, I brought in the race car from the garage and cleaned it off for little Boatboy. Even though his little feet don't quite touch, he still had a blast!

.......LA doesn't miss out on anything as you can see. I found him sitting in the car, drinking his milk and watching Praise Baby this morning. When I asked him why he was in Boatboy's car he said, "I am a big baby." I always tell LA that Boatboy's toys are baby toys. So he wanted to let me know that he was a "BIG baby!" So I laughed and let him sit in the car. It can't be comfortable. Not as comfortable as it once was for sure.

It's amazing to me how involved LA is these days with his little bro. I love it! Most times it makes me tear up.

The best is when he sings "Jesus Loves Me." That sure makes up for the times when he is acting up! I never want to miss those glimpes of Jesus in my children. I always want to be so thankful for the amazing family God has given me!

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Princess Caitlin said...

Aaw, how sweet! Praise the Lord. :) Your family is so adorable.