Saturday, November 01, 2008

the great pumpkin adventure

So, we're just getting some shots up now from last weekend's venture south with Papa and Nana to get the boys their pumpkins.

Thank you to the Canon timer and fencepost for this one.

Don't read this, just look at that shot again! How many girls are we going to have to beat off of him in a couple years?!

The Boatboy and Mamma snuggled up tightly.

Help! A sasquatch is taking LA into the woods!

Oh,'s just the husband.

pure cuteness

Nana and BB LIVE in sephia.

Papa and LA scoping out the horses. He didn't want to ride one. LA that is. Pretty sure Papa didn't either though.

At the pumpkin patch and catching a spin before we head out with ...

... a wonderful wagon full.

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Shannon said...

You are beautiful, Crystal!!! Shan