Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas with family!

We headed up for time with Amos's parents in the middle of the month so that we could all get time together before schedules got too hairy. It was a great time. And, Landon loves his new rocking horse from Grandpa and Grandma Haffner.

Don't fear for Adam's life (read title of book)... his Mom picked this up for her. Good times.

On Christmas Eve it was up to Muncie for a large family gathering at Landon's Great Grandparents house.

Amos & Crystal did some proactive thinking and showed up about 2 hours early for some extra time with the "Greats." It was also time for LA to get acclimated before the masses arrived and it worked. He was 100% himself for the 20+ plus crowd of family...did crazy talk, all his animal noises, turned in circles, played cars with Great Grandma Turner, scratched his belly and ran around like a nut until 1.5 hrs past his bedtime.

Great Uncle Wayne showing Landon the "Balls!"

On Christmas Day, after some time at home with just the three of us, we headed to Brownsburg for time at Papa and Nana's. Landon got to spend the afternoon with his cousin Raymond, Uncle Frankie and Aunt Ruby as well.

Landon opening up his new F150 audio truck with boat in tow! Papa was pretty proud of this find.

The Haffner Home along with Crystal's brother and sister created three framed and mounted pics of their three grandkids for the hallway that leads to the loft where the kids always play. They were very appreciative!

"If he could only reach the spicket." thinks the Westie.

Papa and Landon closing out the night with a new Colts football and Billy Bass.