Friday, June 05, 2009

potty / train(ed)

We here at BPM we all have a special place for Thomas in our hearts. Remember those early potty training stories? Well, that little blue tank engine helped us through them. Anytime LA went "big poop" on the potty, he got to pick out a new Thomas train. Well, that worked! Swimmingly! So, Mr. Blonde and I love Thomas for what he helped LA accomplish in becoming potty trained at 2.5. So, our recent outing to the theatre was a bit of a potty training graduation celebration (2 months belated).

We dropped of his little bro, Boatboy, at Grandpa and Grandma's and headed to the northern part of the state to catch Thomas & Friends Live! on Stage: A Circus Come to Town. It's a 90 minute full production show with everyone from the Island of Sodor.

It was very creatively written with a lot of crowd interaction. Their was singing, dancing and confetti. Even Harold the Helicopter flew through the sky. And, that is a big deal as Harold is LA's favorite!

As most of you know our eldest is quite sensitive to noise. The only draw back to the show is that it was extremely loud at times. That is sort of to be expected at a live show. But, when your audience is largely composed of toddlers and their parents, this must be considered in production planning. That said LA is still talking about the very cool huge trains.

This is the first live tour for Thomas in the United States. You can find out when Thomas & Friends Live is coming to a city near you. Special thanks to Mom Select for sending us. We had an amazing time!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"clean" can be a verb

We've talked about this before. A few times actually. Here is an easy way to show your support for those who don't have access to clean drinking water.

I've just asked my senators to cosponsor the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2009 (S.624), which will help bring first-time, sustainable access to clean water and sanitation to a hundred million of the world's poorest people. I'm asking you to make that commitment, too, by adding your voice.

Together as ONE, we can make a difference!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Giveaway: Handmade Pottery

I have found a wonderful Etsy shop! The Brick Kiln is a handmade pottery shop run by a Momma and her daughter. This duo is creative and very talented. Incredible customer service. Simple packaging. Beautiful handmade dishes. You can't ask for more.

You need to check out the amazing Father's Day dishes and get one ordered for your Dad or child's Dad. They are simple and personalized at such a reasonable price.

I received a personalized "Dad you're my Hero!" dish with the boys' names on it. It is AWESOME and Mr. Blonde loves his early Father's Day present. He is putting it on his desk at work!

Buy it: Head over to The Brick Kiln and purchase a handmade dish.

Win it: The Brick Kiln is giving one Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader a $20 gift certifcate for a dish of choice. All you have to do is head over to their shop and let me know your favorite item.

Extra Entries:
1. Follow my blog through Google's easy reader tool.
2. Subscribe to my blog via email
(and except the confirmation email).
3. Follow The Brick Kiln's blog.
4. Grab my button and post it to your cyber space.
5. Blog about this contest on your blog.
6. Email this giveaway to 4 friends and copy me.

I will select a winner June 10, 2009. Thanks for entering!
DesignherMomma won!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Mrs. Blonde: the gentle/kind/pretty/quick/adorable picker-upper

It's happening right now. She's doing it again. Balancing being a full-time Momma, pro make-up artist and agent-of-all-things-clean-and-tidy.

As you may or may not know, we've been FOR SALE at our abode for a few months now. We seek to live what I call the anti-American dream. Live more fully with less in order to give more away. We are living in equity we simply don't need to care for or pay for. Hence, FOR SALE.

Anyone who's been through being prepared to get a home ready in show shape in a matter of hours (especially with babies/toddlers in the house) knows how taxing this can be. Get the clothes put away (or jam them somewhere that won't be detected by the strangers snooping in all your knooks and crannies). Do the dishes (or put them in the oven and hope they don't look there). Mop the hardwoods (or have LA run the swiffer). Pack up the big toys in the minivan. Get the dog out of the house. And, on...and, on. Then...wait to hear back. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes, they even CANCEL ON YOU!

Confession: I'm bad at this. Very bad at this. I get frustrated. Our motivations are pure and selfless. So, why doesn't the Owner of all things just sell the thing already?! Those who know me, know I've confessed this. I'm just bad at it.

Adoration: My bride is brilliant at this! Not only do about 25% of these overhauls fall on her while I'm at the office, but she does it well, does it with a smile and endures this long process of home selling with patience and grace! Unbelievable and completely loveable!

As sad as we would be to part with our home for several reasons, it's time to move on to bigger and better smaller and lesser things. Today we have a second showing (meaning they've already seen the place once and liked it). So, cross your fingers, cross your toes, lob a prayer, make a wish, buy it instead of those coming in something.
-Mr. Blonde