Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LA plays with his cute girlfriends

Jenni brought the girls over for a visit this afternoon.

ok.....this is a super woman if you haven't seen one before. Look at her....that takes some serious talent and on top of being talented, she looks fabulous!

toys, toys and more toys. Thank goodness for a garage sale my Mom and I found this past weekend. I get so excited when I am driving, see a garage sale sign, and find such great stuff for a quarter!

LA is chillin' and checking out the hotties across the way!

A night with our little newphew Raymond

So, the night began at 7:30PM with Daddy putting Landon to sleep and
then himself!

And then we find out Ruby (sister-in-law) is very sick and needs to go to the emergency room, so we were able to watch little Raymond through the morning hours. He is 6 days old and such a cutie. Ruby is doing better...it might be the flu. Yuck and no fun after birthing a child!

another sweet pic of the little guy sleeping.

Grandma got me a fun shirt for Christmas that I am finally able to wear.
Debbie- Do you reconize the shirt? Thanks!

Landon with his Nana and Papa earlier on.