Wednesday, August 20, 2008

freshman follies

Since LA graduated to his "big boy bed," things have been pretty smoothe. Every third day or so we have some new sillyness occuring at night. These items have been...

* Finding him sleeping on top of his sea turtle which he decided to put on the bed and then lay on top of to fall asleep. It's bigger than half the size of his bed!

* Hearing him up playing piano about two hours after he originally fell asleep. Musical prodigy?

* And, as seen below, finding him sleeping on the floor. Which for some reason is as heart-breaking as it is cute.

Additionally, last night, he was wimpering around 1am. Amos went in to check on him and just when Amos opened the door, LA exclaims "I found it!" in a very loud excited voice. He was referencing his "paci." No less than 1.5 seconds later, the little man was back in bed and sound asleep. Crazyness.

We'll see what tonight brings.