Tuesday, April 03, 2007

1095 Magnolia Way


Three years ago today, I was the second most anxious I've ever been in my life...about to marry "Crystal Estanovich." [The first most anxious day was 12/24/03...the day I proposed to you. Nothing tops that sort of excitement and anxiety. I don't think my body produced saliva that entire day! And, my trachea narrowed every passing hour until evening when you said yes and I could breathe again. :) ] And, what an amazing journey it's been!

The vibrancy of our magnolia tree's bloom when we got home from our honeymoon was nothing short of Glorious. How fitting that every year our magnolia blooms over our anniversary. And, yesterday when I took this picture of our just-now-blooming tree, God reminded me that while we've enjoyed a handful of beautiful years together, our union is still very young. Very fresh. Very new. And, very ready to keep being shared with those in our lives.

We were given a story that began in May of 2003 when we met. That story, When 2 Become 1, reached an eternal chapter when we vowed our lives to each other in front of God and many friends and family. While thehaffnerhome blog isn't the platform were we given on that day...this is still an opportunity for me to publically grab your hand again and say, "I do." And, I always will.

I love you!
_the Husband