Thursday, April 12, 2007

the Haffner's Easter weekend

Our camera bit the dust over Easter weekend, so we're a little late getting this up. Thanks for letting us borrow the shots Patti.

Frank and Patti (LA's Papa and Nana) are now residents of Indianapolis!! Woohoo! We helped them move in to their new place in Brownsburg on Easter weekend. Officially the easiest move we've ever helped with. Movers did the heavy stuff. And, anyone who knows Frank and Patti knows that they pretty much never stop moving until something's done, so a LOT was getting done by the time we got there.

LA found time to play with ducky and Chloe while we got things moved in.

...then he got sleepy so Daddy put him down...

...then Daddy put himself and Chloe to bed for a nap.

Time to wake up and eat

but, not before LA discovers his first Easter eggs
Yummy! Sweet potatos, Nana and Easter eggs. Life is good!
On to the next discovery. Bubble Wrap! Holy crap! This stuff is awesome!
...with Papa.

The Haffners on Easter morning before the first ever Easter service with others from The Well.

While the service was great (food, fellowship, song, scripture storytelling, communion, a short message, teardown), LA found time to take a nap.

...with Grandpa

Most of the kids from The Well here with their mommas.

Jayms loves her little brother Jahger and her buddy LA.

back at the Haffner home, LA decides he likes Grandma and Nana's necklaces.

Sorry, son. Daddy wasn't around to prevent this from happening.