Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween chicken!

Crystal The Hippie, Amos The Not Costumed Yet Rocker and Chicken LA.

Landon looked so cute!! He got to visit Amos at work and two people said she is so cute. So, maybe next year we will but him in a superman costume, so there will be no confusion! Thanks Jakey Poe for letting Landon borrow your costume!!

Papa with his 2 grandsons, Raymond "The Bat" and Landon!

Landon hung out with his Papa and Nana and cousin Raymond for the evening. Amos and Crystal got dressed up and headed to Brookside Celebration Church on the near east side to help out with a party for the kids there. It was a blast and we had tons of kids attend!!!

Landon chewing on Chloe's ball.

Crystal and the little chicken. Thanks Emily for letting Crystal borrow your very funny costume.

Landon playing with his Bat cousin.