Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dad time...

...before Amos headed back to work after his "paternal vacation," (we're pretty certain that's not even a real thing) Landon and he had some bonding time. Which really equated to sleeping in the papasan.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Why "Landon Amos?"

Because so many people are curious about how we came to choose the name "Landon Amos"...

Crystal liked the name a lot for a number of years because of "A Walk to Remember." (Insert laugh here. -- But, make fun of my son's name to my face because he was named after a sappy romantic comedy and stand to lose a vital organ.) Strangely enough, that reasoning was not my tipping point.

The name Landon Amos actually means troubled land. While not overtly optimistic sounding, that is the very reason that finally hooked me after months of prayer and consideration over a good handful of names. Naming creation was one of the very first tasks we were ever given as man (think Gen 2:19 -- How do you suppose Adam came up with the word "Lion" when there was no pretext at all for such a word?). So, I took is very seriously. God brought our little guy into this world through Crystal and me to make a difference in our surrounding communities. To reach into places that aren't necessarily safe with the heart of eternal Love. To reach our troubled land.

In addition to being biblical (entire book at end of Old Testament), Amos is a family name. I was named after my Great Uncle who was my Dad's favorite uncle. My Dad started a tradition on his side of passing on a father's first name down as his son's middle name. My Dad's name is Kent. As is my middle name.

There you have it. Landon Amos.