Friday, January 02, 2009

Giveaway: Clingy Cord

I have found a great accessory for when your child is in the dropping, throwing, loosing or tossing just-for fun stages! I have used a shoe lace and many other things to tie my little guy's paci to a stuffed animal so he won't lose it while he is sleeping. LA is not a thrower of his sippy cup, but it does fall off his high chair and stroller sometimes. Clingy Cord is great to save his cups from multiple plummets.

The Clingy Cord protects your child's cups, blanket, toys, and other go-everywhere items from hitting the dirty floor or getting lost. The cord's plastic ring attaches to a stroller, high chair or car seat. The design allows you to easily adjust the sliding bead to hold the item snugly.

Buy it: Head over to CaitiMac Creations and purchase a Clingy Cord for $13.00.

Win it: I have a green with periwinkle dots Clingy Cord to giveaway! Leave a comment letting me know how you plan to use your Clingy Cord. For extra about this on your blog. And, become an email subscriber to my blog.

I will randomly select a winner on January 11 (next Sunday). Check back this week for my next giveaway...a Taggie blanket! Thanks for entering!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas recap by picture

Christmas morning LA and Boatboy having fun playing together. LA showing him the balls. It is so much fun to watch them interact together...Boatboy just laughs at LA.

Boys having fun!

Nana and LA posing for a pic!
Papa and LA playing their guitars together. It is awesome!

All the Blondes

Great Grandpa and Ma opening up their housewarming/Christmas gift from the Blondes. It is the below piece of photo/art framed...

(you'll need to click on the image to read the text)

LA, Grandma, Boatboy, Grandpa...and Dink the jack russell.

Aunt "Eesha" and Boatboy laughing it up.

All of that calls for a nap

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

just visiting

Can you tell LA stopped by this fruit tray while we were at Papa and Nana's Christmas Even celebration?

lounge act

LA chillin' at Grandpa and Grandma's in the chair they got him for Christmas. He noticed right away his name was on it and just grinned from ear to ear. Good stuff.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Titanic upset; Colts hold Tennessee to Zero

...but was it really? Neither of us really needed to win and it was basically our JV squad vs theirs. No offense, Sorgi. Scratch that...great offense, Sorgi. We're proud to say we at BPM have never doubted you and now have more reason that ever to maintain that opinion. Passer rating hovering around 90. Not too shabby, my man. Led the Horse to 23-0 today. Solid.

A few pics of our first ever sweet suite visit to Lucas Oil Stadium...

Out with the old. (And, by out we mean massive implosion)

And, in with the new. Thank you, taxpayers.

Amos was selected as one of four that got to head down to the field during the first quarter. The above shot is a photo after Addai ran one in for six Mr Blonde absolutely did NOT take. You see, taking any photos during the on-field experience was strictly PROHIBITED.

Big thanks to Crystal's outstanding client for the Christmas gift! And, to Sarah's splendid hospitality! We had a wonderful time!!