Saturday, May 30, 2009

An "official" birthday wish our Boatboy: Happy 1st birthday today! We love you!

To check out the birthday celebration entry from May 20, head here.

Friday, May 29, 2009

brotherly love

1) The "love" part:

Today while bra shopping with my Momma (She bought. Spoiled! I know.) and the boys, LA insisted on pushing his brother's umbrella stroller through the store. I thought, "Alright, I'll try this until it completely fails." Much to my proud surprise, it was a dream. They both laughed and had fun. On the occasions the stroller's front wheels got hung up a changing floor landscape, LA would walk around to the front of the stroller, adjust the wheels to a straight position and assure his brother with, "It's alright (Boatboy). I'll take care of you." I could have melted! These moments make me love being a Momma!

2) The "brotherly" part: (read cynically)

This morning, prior to the Nana shopping venture, Boatboy had pulled himself up on the couch in our main living space. LA happened to be sitting on that same couch. After seeing his little brother's accomplishment, he took a pillow and smacked Boatboy's head so he fell backwards and hit the floor. An immediate spanking of the eldest, followed by consoling the youngest, followed by explanation to the eldest, followed by exhausted Momma trying not to lose her mind, etc.

This is all very new territory for Mr. Blonde and I. LA has always been a very easy even-keeled dude. We're attributing his new tendencies to two things...a) Boatboy started crawling a month ago and can get into anything of his brother's he wants...b) jealous of not enough Momma time when the now mobile Boatboy is present. Good thing for an amazing supportive husband, my Mom's wonderful advice and an ice cold brew!

Other thoughts? Advice?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway: personalized handmade necklace

I love giving personalized gifts and I really enjoy receiving gifts that are personalized. There is something warm and fuzzy about having your item personalized. Like a baby blanket. I know it takes thought, work and effort to have something personalized versus running to Target to get a baby blanket for a shower and taking a chance that somebody else might just have bought the same blanket.

I have really enjoyed my new piece of jewelry from Lauren Nicole monogrammed gifts. I received the necklace above with my boys' names and birthstones on it. It makes me feel even more proud to be the Momma of two handsome little men. People comment on it every time I wear it.

Lauren Nicole offers so many unique items from personalized silver hand stamped jewelery to pet collars. You name it and she has thought of it. (Except for beer openers..Mr. Blonde's sarcastic response to my everything remark.) You can certainly find a gift for any occasion.

Oh, I cannot forget to tell you how beautifully packaged it came. The necklace came in a flower tin can inside a cute little bag.

Win it:Lauren Nicole is giving one Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader a hand-stamped silver Mommy necklace. All you have to do is head over to Lauren Nicole, check out all of their cool stuff and leave me comment letting me know your favorite one.

Extra Entries:

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I will select a winner June 5th. Thanks for entering!

"Jody Murphy
I have subscribed to your blog via e-mail ( for all of the wonderful things you post on your blog. It's like Christmas everytime I check it!"

LA riding his tri-cycle

We picked up this beauty at a garage sale last year and just pulled it down from the attic a couple weeks ago. He jumped on it and pretty much just took off. Since then, it's almost a daily activity.

Fisher Price: If you're reading, we'll take our product placement check via PayPal if that's easierfor you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

fun, fashionable and functional kids shoes

I found some very funky new shoes for LA. Wait until you see these and the entire line of winter and spring/summer collections ranging from soft pre-walkers and comfortable indoor shoes to day and dress shoes for girls and boys up to about age 8. If you know LA you know he thinks he is a rockstar and these shoes just made it happen for him. Vincent shoes are made to be very fun and very functional.

The two Swedes, who have been in various areas of the fashion world, Patrick at H&M and Thomas as an international model, couldn’t find anything to suit their tastes for a little guy in their life. Soon, they were designing a collection of kids’ shoes. Patrick and Thomas derive their inspiration from global trends and the runway fashions of Paris, Milan, London and New York.

The shoes we chose were the LEO. The white and super shiny silver shoes are incredibly soft leather and have a simple Velcro fastener. They even have extra protection for the toes. As I mentioned earlier the LEO is a rockstar shoe in our home. LA wears them to play ground and when we get a little dressed up. They are a versatile shoe and wipe up fabulously!

Aren't they great!?

I know you think it would be hard to select a pair of shoes online, but Vincent shoes offers a shoe fitter. It really works. They are also having an incredible sale right now. Head over to Vincent shoe and check out their amazingly fun and functional shoes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three for #3!!!!!

He did it!

Get the rest of today's Indy 500 results here. They include Dan Wheldon in second and Danica Patrick in third.

GO Helio and Sarah!

Today is the Indianapolis 500 and we are rooting for Helio and Sarah Fisher! Even though we won't be there today due to the loud cars(LA is noise sensitive) we will be cheering them on while we are boating and hopefully catching lots of fish! Next year LA will be good and ready!

I am much looking forward to my husband tomorrow! An entire day at home!!!