Friday, February 15, 2008

Selling our home

Many of you know that we having been working to sell our home by owner for a few months now. With some success (but no formal offers), we've opted to move into the Spring buying season by officially listing our home.

It's a very bittersweet thing for us. In our 4 years here, this house has become a home through the blood, sweat and tears of not just us, but so many other friends and family members. many late nights did we all spend here picking off wallpaper from an entire room in postage stamp sized increments? How many pizzas and beers were consumed pulling nails from our amazing hardwoods (the animals had carpet covering them for 50 years!)? Then, there's the rearing our first child in the place thing to consider...And, on and on.

So, why sell?

1) We feel an eternal responsibility to free up more of our resources to give more away. By taking the profit on the house, paying down other equities and moving into a less expensive home, we can do this.

2) Our local church body, and many of those in that community, all live north of us. Which, is where we're likely headed.

3) This house has always been an investment. It's just taken us 4 years to flip it. :)

So, spread the word. Or, just buy the place.