Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Eve in Chicago!

Every year we get to take a New Year's trip with our dear friends Ty and Rachel. This year, we did a short one (they're typically 3 to 5 day experiences, a la Miami, upper Michigan peninsula, etc) up to Chicago for the night.

We had dinner at this amazing Latin eatery called Carnivale that lived up to all the cuisine hype of the city.

We drudged through the snow and cold (actually we took a warm taxi, urban legend has it the driver piloted like a "Bad @$$" and was told so by someone in the car) and got back to the Hyatt on Wacker Dr where we chilled to the ends of 2007...

...and welcomed "8" in with style. Nevermind her very tired eyes, props to the pregnant Haffner who stayed up well past 12amCT to celebrate!

Caught some fireworks off Navy Pier from the comforts of our hotel hallway.

Little Landon got to stay overnight with Papa and Nana while his parents gallivanted north. He ended 2007 with a bang (or a "boom boom" as he calls it) right into the bedroom dresser when he stumbled over Chloe. Here's to the little man's first shiner!