Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fair & Good

Papa, Nana and The Haffner Home headed down to the Indiana State Fair on a beautiful August evening yesterday. Not having been to the fair as parents before we were blown away at how much there is to do for relatively little expense. And, we probably only covered 25% of the grounds. And, the food...yeah, you have the expected stuff - fried everything with fried toppings to boot...but, there are so many more options than when we were kids. Amos even enjoyed catfish nuggets. Dee-lish.

How cute are they!? (real Momma, real big brother LA, not a real cow)

While we don't have a good photo of LA feeding the animals, he loved doing it. Laughed when they licked his fingers, did his "excited" arm movement and squealed quite a bit. Very funny.

When we got over by the goats and cows, he clasped his hands and decided to pray for them. Not kidding.


This shot was taken over by the rides. LA didn't want to ride any of them (as predicted), but he loved watching them go "round and round and round." The ride in the background here was playing some hardcore hip hop so Dadda and LA were dancing (note his arms up)...with the froggy Pappa had just won for him, of course. We can only hope the big brother in the family grows into his Momma's dancing skills as opposed to his father's.

We checked out all the tractors first. It took some convincing to get him to think there was actually more to see. He could have stayed there for hours.

Got to "climb up in school bus."

Posing with Papa and Nana after doing some fishing in a little pond.

While Noah didn't get the feed the animals, he had fun all snuggled up to his Momma most of the night with Landon's hat.

Check out the cheeks. Little man is getting big so fast. Not much of an infant look these days.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ups and Downs and All Arounds

In 9 days time, we've learned of one friend's troubled pregnancy, learned of two other's miscarriages, had our next door neighbor's house broken into, LA bailed out of his crib - hit his head - HARD - and wasn't severely injured, gotten to help a friend move apartments, celebrated LA's second birthday...

(many more pics to come later this week from the party) a chance to help said neighbor install a new front door, officially have two sick sons (we've never had more than one at a time before) watched LA graduate to a toddler bed...

...and welcomed a healthy little niece to the family. Happy zero'st birthday Katelyn!

Phew! We're tired over here. Tired and living with a heightened awareness that Life is so much bigger than any of our plans. And, through the doubt and tearful news, we're more blessed than ever and ready to keep giving ourselves away.