Thursday, March 05, 2009

Friday Finds: new rockin' shoes!

Have I said that I like shoes? I really do enjoy boys shoes. But I really enjoy them when my 2.5 year old can put them on himself and they look REALLY good! The latest shoes we have tried that flex to my liking are Pedipeds. The next best thing to bare feet as the tagline indicates. And, that's a plus in our house. They also give back a portion of their proceeds and product to many great organizations.

I am very impressed with Pediped footwear. We reviewed the Zach in the Original Pediped line and the Demetri in the Flex line.

The Zach shoe is from the Original line (0 - 24 months). They really stay on Boatboy's feet while he is rolling around on the floor and they flex very easily as he in the crawling position and ready to take off. The leather is by far the softest leather I have ever felt! And, the leather is made with premium, non-toxic, ECO grade leather throughout!

And, here we have the very adorable Demetri shoes from the Flex line (ages 1 - 5). I think the best thing about these shoes are the foam insoles that are provided. They offer a comforatble fit along with a soft yet firm heel to absorb shock. The velcro fasteners allow LA to put on and take off his own shoes.

Check out all 45 fashion forward styles in girls and boys and make your purchase for a new pair of quality shoes for the Spring/Summer season!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fashionthropic's new Boymobile line

Get over to Fashionthropic and check out the new line they've dubbed Boymobile. Very fun stuff! All the proceeds benefit Chaucie's Place. A fantastic organization working tirelessly as advocates for child victims of abuse.
In case you're not keeping up --- We have here Made-In-The-USA clothing, created by workers paid a fair wage, cool designs for your boys and 100% of the proceeds are given away to a non-profit org helping kids who have been neglected. Top that!

Monday, March 02, 2009

*Bargain Meal Monday*

I recently came across a site that listed bargain meals for a family of 4 under $5.00. I will be posting a meal every Monday.

Here is your first Meal:

This ~$3.00 dinner provides 4 ounces of cooked chicken, 1 cup of rice, and 1/2 cup broccoli per person.

Kroger shopping-
Buy: Chicken leg quarters, broccoli
Pantry: Oil, garlic, lemon juice, thyme, rice, chicken broth.

For 4 servings
2.5 lb chicken $1.50
1 bunch broccoli $1.00
1 1/4 C rice $0.35

Use the chicken broth instead of water to cook the rice. After the chicken has baked, skim off the fat from the juices left in the pan, and pour the flavorful juices over the rice at the table. Sprinkle a bit of lemon juice over the broccoli as it is steaming for a bright flavor!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

I thought you said "pee pee?"

Before we walk you through the following exchange, let's remind you of three things...

1) Mr Blonde is a neat freak. Things have their place. And, things need to be clean.

2) LA is in the midst of potty training. And, doing very well if we do say so!

3) Mrs Blonde thinks anything to do with poop is the funniest thing on the planet. (see: blog name)

"Why are they taking so long. I wonder if he's having to poop," thinks Mrs after Mr and LA have been in the bathroom at a local grinder shop for 5 entire minutes.

Out they come and Mr has an expression that indicates something just happened. Not a bad something. There was no frown or look of disdain. But, something just happened.

LA is happy (so, it had to be something good that happened right) and steps a few feet away to play basketball on a sweet little 4.5 foot goal beside our table.

Because there are other guests in the restaurant Mr isn't incredibly willing to share great detail of the experience. But, Mrs must know. It can't wait. It's her design. She must know. Now.

Mr: (LA had just told us he had to "Pee pee.") "We got in there, he was standing on the seat just like normal and he seemed like he was pushing an awful lot. (Remembering I had smelled a couple toots a few minutes prior, but didn't think much of it because he had already poo'ed in the potty chair at home earlier in the afternoon. He's a one-a-day sort of lad.) So, I checked his bottom and there was a giant 50-cent-in-diameter five-incher giving way to gravity. Oh, you're going poo poo! Without any options, I turned him around bent his legs up a bit (picture baby cradle sort of hold) when the beast plummeted into the tank. Like a dart to a bullseye. Then, a little trailer missed the mark a bit when it smacked the lid and flopped to the tile."

LA: "Big Poo Poo!....Poo down there too!" (pointing toward the floor)

Mr: "Yeah. Don't worry about that. You did a good job going poo poo. Dadda will clean that up."

Mrs is laughing. No really. Laughing! Hard! Her face is red. The family sitting sort of behind us knows something happened. LA is riding the little train ride a few feet away oblivious as to why his Momma is laughing as hard as she is. But, she is.

"Wait, that's not all." interjects Mr.

Mrs: "What?!"

"It was big. Big enough to clog the toilet! After we flushed (it almost overflowed). Washed and dryed our hands. Then, I stood LA over in the corner and told him to watch Dadda. This is a plunger. You get to watch Dadda plunge the toilet. Luckily the bowl was relieved with a couple yank/pushes."

Mr. re-washed hands and leaves bathroom laughing silently and congratulating LA.

Mrs: "Oh my gosh! (through tears of laughter) This is so going on our blog."

Giveaway: Boogie Wipes

During the cold season we should all have some Boogie Wipes on hand. These nose wipes are a great alternative to tissues that seem to irritate and rub little noses raw. My little guy actually asks for "Boogies Wipes in Grape." It is great!

These wipes have added saline and offer quick, gentle, effective relief of stuck on boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold & allergies.
They are offered in grape (LA's favorite!), fresh and menthol scents. You can even purchase single packets to have with you at all times. Boogie Wipes are sold at just about every store.

Buy some: Head to Boogie Wipes and receive a 20% off discount. Just type in “boogie time.”

Win some: Boogie Wipes is giving a Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader 2 packages of 30 count wipes in grape and menthol scent. And 10 on-the-go packets. Leave me a comment telling me what feature you like about Boogie Wipes from their website.

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