Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fashionthropic's new Boymobile line

Get over to Fashionthropic and check out the new line they've dubbed Boymobile. Very fun stuff! All the proceeds benefit Chaucie's Place. A fantastic organization working tirelessly as advocates for child victims of abuse.
In case you're not keeping up --- We have here Made-In-The-USA clothing, created by workers paid a fair wage, cool designs for your boys and 100% of the proceeds are given away to a non-profit org helping kids who have been neglected. Top that!

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pwdrd donuts said...


Michael Johns? Well, if you HAD been watching this season, you would have seen him perform along side another season 7 alum, Carly. It was hideous. Glad you didn't see it. They sang bubble gum, duet-ish, Las Vegas sideshow crap. Pretty pathetic. He'dabeen tarnished in your eyes forever.