Friday, April 02, 2010

a magnolia & promises

We have this amazing magnolia that bursts with pinks and purples the first week of April every year without fail. Funny thing is that when we bought our house (April Fool's Day 2004) we didn't know it...

...until we got married two days later celebrated in Costa Rica for a full week and then came home. We turned onto our street for the first time together as husband and wife and this tree sang to us! "Welcome home! Get started on your life as one now would you?!" I get chills thinking of that moment.

The Magnolia to us is everything us.

It brings an unspeakable joy to see it blossom each year. It's a glorious tangible reminder of a covenant we took 6 years ago tomorrow.

A symbol of a relationship.

A romance.

A choice made to put the other first at all times.

A promise authored by God and made before wonderful friends and family.

And, for what we can recall, this is the first year it's come on Easter weekend which makes it extra precious.

Tonight we celebrate 6 years of our marriage union on a surprise date!

Now...if only my wife would get home from her NCAA event we could go eat!!

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