Saturday, November 10, 2007

+ - (x2)

We learned a few backs back that when two of them are positive, it's pretty much a sure thing.

And, we couldn't be more excited to be expecting baby2! We have had a couple doc appointments and all signs are healthy and go. Due date is June 2. Could even be an Indy 500 baby. And, Landon will be almost 2 (and, hopefully that's not terrible twos). Crystal is working through the joys of the first trimester. :) ...but loving every minute of knowing that little baby2 isn't far off. And, no, we won't be finding out gender this time either. Blame Amos. :)

The below picture isn't entirely on topic, but it sure makes us smile. This was Landon's Nana's (Crystal's Mom) reaction when we shared with her that we were pregnant with Landon back in December 2005. She was completely was everyone else. Including us! :)