Thursday, February 03, 2011

put a label on it

In September I began looking for labels for LA (4.5-yr-old) as he was about to start school. I needed to find labels for his coat, backpack, lunch bag, etc. It was incredibly hard to find labels that were...

1. Dishwasher safe for his lunchbox/drink containers
2. Washer/dryer safe for his coat and backpack

That's when I stumbled across When I found a "school pack" package option I truly thought this is way too good to be true. They carried everything I was looking for and more for an amazing price!

When we received the set LA was so excited. I was overwhelmed by the quality of printing and thickness of the labels. So we spent an hour labeling. We labeled EVERYTHING!! His coat, hat, lunch box, crayon boxes, reusable lunch containers and his sweat shirts.

WOW, it is 4 months later and the labels have been washed MANY times and they look just as good as the day we received them. Outstanding! I have found many more ways to use them. No need to pull out the marker, I just grab a label. These things are the best!!!

I can't wait to order for labels for Boatboy (2.5-yr-old) and the twins next. If you need labels look no further. Label Daddy is awesome. You will be so pleased!

Check out all the ways you can make labels with many different package options!

Thank you Label Daddy for sending me these amazing labels in exchange for sharing an honest review on Blondes, Poop & Mascara.