Monday, October 11, 2010

school is now in session

As if we don't have enough milestones & transitions in these Blondes, Poop & Mascara parts these days, we hit another joyous one 3 weeks ago. LA's first day of pre-school. Ask him and he'll tell you it's "school not pre-school!"

We've all been excited about this for such a long time. He'd been wearing his backpack every day for the better part of two weeks in preparation.

Though our little 4-year-old has spent some of his life with other people and in other groups (Sunday Church gatherings, house church, sports teams, etc) he'd never spent hours on end under the care of someone we weren't related to or know really well. So, there lies the struggle for me the Momma. He will be under the influence of two wonderful teachers from 9am-2pm, two days a week. This is a lot for this hormonal Momma. I know it is SO good for LA and he already LOVES it. There is still a little piece of me that just wants to keep him a bubble at home. I know with the arrival of the twins it is a much needed break for me and him twice a week!

What would back to school time be without some new kicks?! We received another pair of adorable and very practical shoes from Pediped in trade for an honest review of their product. LA loves his new Jake shoes from the flex line! What could be better than a pair of super cool casual brown shoes that function as a gym shoe. The soles are so comfy for gym class and sturdy enough for the playground. And, they wash up quite well! Trust me, we know. His favorite part of his playground at school is the sand area. Well, there or anywhere his little girlfriend Clair goes. Though according to him, "She follows me anywhere I go."

This is our second pair of shoes from the Flex line. We love them just as much as the first pair. The Flex line comes with insoles that can be removed as your child's feet grow. So, you get a long wear from these shoes.

As I have mentioned in all my other Pediped reviews, I love that Pediped says their shoes are "the next best thing to bare feet."

Check out Pediped collections and especially their new Grip n Go collection. I am excited to try a pair in the future!

If you are a fan of Pediped like me be sure to check out Kinderbliss. A new catalog and online shopping destination with beautiful and unique items for children from the founder of Pediped,

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