Friday, October 15, 2010

H2 Oh No!

This post is inspired by 2010 Blog Action Day. This year's topic is water.

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.

If you're a veteran visitor to the Blondes, Poop & Mascara blog, you know how big of a deal this has been to us in the past. In particular the Well Water Project comes to mind. A campaign our local church body ran from Easter to Christmas to raise enough monies to give to Horizon International to build two clean water wells in Zimbabwe, Africa. We succeeded too! It was actually this fund raising project that inspired the beginnings of what has become Fashionthropic. A non-profit T-shirt company that gives away 100% of it's proceeds. Zero capital means you can give it all away! The Quench Thirst. Give Life. shirt continues to be one of the best sellers in the store.

In the last decade, there have come to be SO many wonderful organizations dedicated to helping provide the world's lesser of these clean safe drinking water. There are several larger wonderful organizations like World Vision, Oxfam and we've already mentioned Horizon International that help, but here is our short round up of orgs that specifically exist to combat this issue...

Blood: Water Mission

Wine to Water

Charity Water

If you didn't know, now you do. Use your voice. Post. Blog. Tweet. Raise awareness. Support one of the organizations listed above. Don't take for granted the clean water you have. Educate your children. Don't do nothing. We leave you with this short video from Blog Action Day...

Blog Action Day 2010: Water from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

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