Monday, November 08, 2010

First family of six photos!

Our dear friend Katelin Carter of Full Pockets Photography has been taking photos of our family for years now. Our first session ever with her is so fun to look back at now.

Last night we had her take our first photos as a family of six up at Mrs. Blonde's Aunt & Uncle's new gorgeous home in the burbs. Below are just a couple from her original sneak peek blog post.

All smiles! From left to right - LA, Mr. Blonde, Quatro, Mrs. Blonde, Trey and Boatboy

Can't believe how tall LA and Boatboy are getting.

To the smilers go the spoils. GIANT marshmallows!

Thanks, Katelin. We love you!


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Such a beautiful family!

And I'm quite jealous of your sweater and boots. Where did you get them? I think I need to add them both to my Christmas list. :)

Anonymous said...

So precious. What an awesome family... can't wait to see these boys through the years. And LA looks so big now!

kjpugs said...

Ohmygosh You are such a beautiful family!!! Great pictures!!!

designHER Momma said...

you all are painfully good looking. Don't get a complex, ok?

Also, I miss you all. Ready to get out and come to the DesignHER House for dinner soon?

And yeah, like Ms. Ordinary Days said, spill the goods on the sweater.

Greg - Telling Dad said...

Great photos! I need to know the secret to getting kids to outlast the shutter speed. Ours usually have meltdowns or get distracted by shiny objects right before the "click".

zoosk said...

Beautiful blog, Congratulations!!!