Friday, February 01, 2008

Free kid's T-shirt offer

We found this great kid's T site through The Elling House blog. Polly Todd. There's some hip baby clothes for very decent prices. The drum kit tee below is our favorite for Landon. Polly Todd's isn't just offering great kids duds, they're shelling out free items to those who help spread the word. Check out how easy it is to take advantage of the free offer by clicking here.

the crate.....

We were so excited to have Sophie and her Momma (Shannon) over to play this morning! I love this picture and had to share...Landon plays in Chloe's crate quite often, but has never had anyone besides Chloe try to enter. His face says it all! Thanks for coming to play with us! We love you guys!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The un-paci-fication

We're opting to slowly work toward removing the paci from day-to-day life around BPM. Once baby#2 arrives in June, LA can't be stealing his little bro or sis's paci. From what we know, after only 6 months, the need for non-nutritional sucking is gone. We haven't gotten into a this-is-a-problem phase (at least yet anyway). LA only gets the paci at naptime and bedtime. (Actually, in the picture above, we were at a wedding and LA was in a really good mood and kept wanting to talk. So, we' plugged him up.) We're just trying to think ahead on this one. We all know those 3 year olds running around with pacifiers jammed in their mouths. Not a good look. What are your thoughts on ages to un-paci and what method works best?