Friday, March 26, 2010

long hard week & a joyous ending

Wow! What a week it has been. Monday night I attended my first multiples group! It was so great! Thanks to my new twin Mom friend through the blog world I had a face to greet me. She was great and introduced me to other Moms who had singleton pregnancies prior to their multiple pregnancies. I look forward to building relationships with those Moms. We broke into a support group environment with pregnant moms, mommas of multiples under 9 months and some experienced mommys to multiples. We went round the horn and shared our stories/scenarios and each got to ask a question.

When I said, "...I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old at home..."

one of the experienced Moms said, "I am so sorry. You are going to have your hands full."

I thought are sorry!! Nice to meet you too! Ha!

...then she proceeded to say ..."Wow!" I was kind of laughing inside. People are funny! Good thing I wasn't emotional and didn't start crying like I would have two weeks ago!

But then another Mom chimed in immediately and said, "Yes, it IS going to be lots of work, but it is so much fun!" She said optimistically, "I nursed twins and had another one at home and it was a blast." She was amazing.

It was so great to meet 7 other expectant Moms. I look forward to being on this journey with them. I'm very excited to be a part of the group and very thankful it even exists!!

I have been preparing for a tooth extraction now since about the time we found out I was pregnant for the third time. Stupid infected tooth is so infected it's a risk to me and the unborn(s). So, THE day arrived on Wednesday. No being knocked out. No good pain meds. Don't need drunk unborn babies on our hands. Local anesthetic only.

And it was just as awful as I thought it was going to be. Upside: An amazing dentist/oral surgeon to feel confident in. Getting a tooth pulled while you are wide awake and can hear every little crack and twist and pop is just NOT fun! It took about 2 hours to get the awful molar monster out. Then, I was on my way. What a relief!! Or, so I thought...let's just say Tylenol just does not take away THIS type and level of pain. Enter multiple nights of little/bad sleep, lots of prayer, ice packs, etc. Today has been a better day. The pain has gone from complete insane to very achy. I'm hopeful it's on its way GONE sometime very soon.

Our 13-week appointment was today. We were so excited to hear the twins heartbeats. I just needed to know they were growing and moving around in there. Mr. Blonde met me there while my sweet aunt watched the boys. Even though my tooth was still pulsating out of my head the entire appointment was full of laughing and smiling and pure joy. My doctor is amazing. He is so excited for us and he answered all my questions for today. I will have more!! I am getting so incredibly excited to find out what these little babies are.

To be honest...I think a boy/girl combo would be great. I would love just one girl. More than one scares me. But if it is two, God will give me the wisdom and peace of mind! Adding more boys just doesn't scare me because I already have 2 and I can do it. There isn't all the emotions and sassy stuff happening around here. So to me...boys would just be easy.

But don't get me wrong, I would love to dress up a little girl EVERYDAY. Get ready for dances. Do her make-up. Watch her snuggle with Mr. Blonde. He would be just as amazing a father to a girl as he is to the boys. But it would be different. I think the world of my Dad and would love for him to have a granddaughter! And, in my experience, girls stick around more. I talk to my Momma more than once a day and see her multiple times a week. And, I steal borrow her clothes. When I want free food, I bring the whole family with me! HA! Love you Momma and Dad. You guys are the best! I say this over and over again but I can only hope to be as selfless to my kids as you are to yours.

This whole twin thing is becoming more real as my stomach really grows, I attend a multiples class, talk with friends about my 3rd AND 4th child and dream of nursing both of my precious babies at one time. Wow, I am really having twins and thinking so often of what a family of 6 is going to look like. I get more excited about raising these children with my amazing husband. The joy. The tears. We'll share it all together! I couldn't of asked for a more amazing man to be along with on this journey.

I still have my fearful moments about finances and selling our house. But, I know this was God's plan for us and I embrace that each day. Slowly all those fears are dwindling away as I hear 2 little heartbeats pitter pattering away in my tummy...I marvel at how good God is! I truly LOVE any encouragement, support or prayers. They mean so much to me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 close to eluding us

Nabbed this photo five minutes ago...

Might be his last one. Or , maybe not. We go about 50/50 with them these days. Turtle? He sleeps every day at this time.