Wednesday, April 02, 2008

4 years

Hottie Wife_

It's difficult to begin with, to quantify the number of glorious things in/about/about/because of our marriage in the past four years, that is. But...the best place to start might be a refresher on the "Big Day."

I remember how crazy nervous/excited we were the night before (or during our 3 month engagement as a whole). I remember getting ready and being pretty collected while hanging out with the guys, praying (a lot...mainly that I didn't pass out, bawl my eyes out or vomit anxiously on the stage) and wondering what you were doing right then. I recall raising up my eyes as the doors opened and seeing you walk down the aisle glowing like a princess! And, I kept standing, which was beneficial for having a wedding ceremony. I remember floating out of the sanctuary (to Cecil's 'Send Me On My Way' licks - thx Rusted Root) together. Some pics. Snap. Smile. Snap. Off to reception. Leave reception in fan fare. De-virgination celebration. On to Costa Rica for a week living together in words-can't-do-it-justice Sacred Romance. And; home to a entirely new home to build together. And, don't forget - an amazing magnolia tree in full bloom.

Since then, WOW, we've...redone an entire house (with the help of amazing friends and family), laughed a LOT, taken three Houseboat trips, cried, lost weight together, renewed our vows once alongside hundreds of other couples, gained weight together (but you had the pregnancy thing as a good reason), gotten a Chloe, started traditions, ushered in some in-laws, helped start a local church body, been in weddings together, continue to learn to consume less and give more, seen a ton of sporting events, led marriage courses, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world (and get to do that whole thing over again soon!), rocked out to some really good shows and countless other awesome things.

Of course, zero of the things listed above could have been done without the blessing/leadership/guidance of our amazing God.

...It's been a good run. I think we should keep at it. :) Words can't really express my joy, wonder, excitement and enthusiasm to keep writing these pages with you.

I love you.
Happy Anniversary, My Bride Forever.
...only through Him as we continue Becoming One...
- the husband.

ps...the post says 4/2, but our anniversary is actually 4/3. It's hard to post stuff like this in the same house with a chick, so late night and early morning measures needed taken!