Tuesday, November 04, 2008

(re) introducing the Top Ten Gifts That Give

We're gonna try this again. A valiant effort was put into it this time last year, but we didn't have time to pull it off. What's "this" you ask?

There are only two potential histories behind the reason for the season. One is the birth of Jesus Christ. One is the life and legacy of Saint Nicholas. Both of which relentlessly gave to those less fortunate. One of those guys even died for the cause.

Research tells us that if we make over $48k household income a year, that we're in the richest 1% of people in the world! Those things considered, doesn't Christmas come with a responsibility to give to those less fortunate? Which we have determined is not us. "Us" meaning that if you're reading this, you have a computer and therefore are rich...or at least employed by the rich.

We don't claim to be staking new ground with this topic. And, this is no War on Christmas, either. We're just feeling a bit more personally accountable to respond to the Christmas consumption mindset our culture is promoting. Thankfully, others have gone before us in the effort. In the days to come, we'll outline our Top Ten Gifts That Give. So, here's to saving one less gift receipt, wearing that sweater Aunt Pollie gave you (but, only when she's in town) one less time, and keeping one less paisley tie in the closet for the next white elephant gift exchange.

...stick with us as we work to gift the gift of giving this Christmas season.