Friday, November 27, 2009

Get Lit! - an annual family tradition

Our city does this outstanding Black Friday evening celebration every year to start the Christmas season. A bunch of folks gather downtown for FREE. There's singing and dancing and street vendors selling things that light up and Santa comes...then at the magic time, the switch gets flipped and the monument ("big statue" as LA calls it) gets lit up. Then, there is about a 10 minute fireworks display. It's fantastic if you're into having fun while celebrating with other humans. Which we do...When Amos and I first started dating we went for the first time and haven't missed one since. 6 years running. Tonight was another outstanding time. A few quick shots for you below...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kickboard USA Mini Scooter

What toddler doesn't need to burn some energy. I know my little LA (3.5 yr old) has way too much energy everyday!! Most days I send him outside and cheer him on as he runs laps around our house. If it's too cold, we do the same inside. We hit 19 laps yesterday. It was amazing!

I came across KickBoard USA who carries scooters for all ages. I loved when I saw an orange Mini scooter built for older toddlers. And, orange is his favorite color!

The mini scooter has a 'lean-and-steer' design, in which children use their body weight to
control steering. It gives kids the feeling of 'surfing' the sidewalk this ability to curve right and left, almost like a skateboard, adds an element of fun and control that young children love. Probably like what surfing on a sidewalk would feel like.

The mini scooter is designed with 3 wheels, providing greater stability and control. The polyurethane wheels create a quiet smooth gliding ride.

The kickboard is low-to-the-ground and large enough for two feet, making it easy for young children to hop on and off as need be, or to switch from pushing to just enjoying the ride. In either case, this toy promotes motor skill development and balance.

The brake at the back adds additional control, and kids like it because its just like the big kid scooters. For parents, the mini scooter is light weight (only 1.5kg), so it's easy to pick up and carry.

Some additional specs...

* The front wheels are 4-inch in diameter and the one in back is 3-inch.

* The two wheels in front are placed 8 inches apart for stability.

* The handle grips are a thick, durable, comfortable foam.

* The length of the deck is 300mm.

And, get this! -- All KickBoard products manufactured with the highest standard of quality control at an ISO-certified manufacturing plant in China. The factory is accredited with ISO 9002 international quality standard. Coupled with an extremely competent R&D team, the factory is always poised to produce the best and most innovative Micro/Kickboard products.

This would be an amazing Christmas gift for any child. Kickboard USA is offering all Blondes, Poop & Mascara readers a 15% discount until December 15. Enter code BLONDESPOOPMASCARA. Happy shopping!