Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smile. It's Friday!

NOTE: Rapid hairloss in Haffner newborns is once again at work. You can fully expect it to disappear almost entirely and grow back whiteish blonde. This ain't our first rodeo with a fairskinned blue-eyed.

Special moments with Dadda!!

I love watching LA interact with Amos. He comes alive in this incredible way when his Dadda is around! I love it! It is a true blessing to watch my husband be a Dad to our 2 sons!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A weekend of fun!

Our sweet Noah is getting big!

Landon's new favorite thing to do with Noah is hold him. He wants to "hold Noah "all the time now. It is so cute!

They are going to be best buds!!

Check out his belly...he had just had 2nd dinner.

Sweet Landon with his paci glued to his mouth. It's use has definitely increased since Noah.

The wifes of the celebrated had a 30th party for Amos, Ryan and Jaron at Kona Grill last Friday. It was a blast!

Jeff and Jennifer Duncan joined us. It was great to see them!

Emily and her boyfriend, Dave. How cute are they?!

Good ole brother bought Amos a shot to celebrate his 30th.

Anyone see an Ostrich lurking?

Some pics from the evening!

We went to Jaron's 30th birthday celebration and Landon had a blast in the creek.

And, didn't mind the mud weighing down his pants!

We washed up before we left in the creek water! It was cold. The only casualty was Amos's flip flops.