Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mr. Blonde's Top Ten Favorite Things

I'm not certain why I feel so compelled to actually respond to this tag, Jordon, but I do. I have NEVER responded to one of these things. Maybe it's the nostalgia of that splendid Sr Prom evening in Platonicland (actual geographic location here) that has called me to respond. Or, maybe it's that I still feel like I owe you for even going with me after looking like I did (SO, wish I had a pic here to share...sorry). no particular order...

Jesus - I know I said "no particular order," but the man sort of has to rank numero uno. I mean He did save me from my own wicked nature. And, the more I get know Him, the more I can't get enough of his challenging and perfect ways.

My smokin' hot wife - Seriously! You know what she looks like. She's way hot. Inside and out. I married like 18.7 steps up when God unified us.

Peanut butter - Could not live without it. Smoothe. Crunchy. Doesn't matter. Spread the goodness over a red delicious, a slice of whole wheat, a celery stick, old rubber compound, and on and on and on. Yum.

My sons - Little LA and our new little Boatboy are awesome awesome little men. I don't deserve the way the love me. It's brilliant, divine and outstanding! Love you guys big time!

Beer - How is it that grain can be translated into liquid form in so many different ways to produce such a varied palette. It's truly amazing. And, delicious!

The Well - My local church body. Love it. A group of God-lovin' folk who aren't too proud to admit they haven't got it all figured out and we're all cool with that. Completely messy way to live it out and give it away. But, the closer I get to the Heart of it all, the more it's just so right.

Music - Can't play a lick of it (unless you count Hit Stix or the opening tab to Enter Sandman...I don't even like Metallica all that much) but it's quite easily one of my biggest joys in life. For some summer pitch I can't get enough of right now, check out Eric Hutchinson's album Sounds Like This. Look over there...upper right hand side of this blog. See it? Our player. Scroll on down to Eric's ditty "Rock 'N' Roll" and giv'r a go. Great stuff. The whole album. Additionally, Coldplay's just released Viva La Vida is pretty awesome. Not 10% the level of awesome that Chris Martin thinks it is. But, it's a solid project. And, no kidding here, Mrs Manis...when typing this portion on this post right here...Van Morrison was playing over my PC. You might not have had it any other way.

Design - In a face. In a sentence. In a shirt. In a logo. In a landscape. It's everywhere. It's so diverse. I get to play a role in it. And, it's wonderful.

Humor -'s funny. We've known it for years. Whether it's quality physical humor, something stupid that catches you in a lighter moment, underground, inside, sarcastic or classic, life would be so blah without it. Take a second and make someone laugh. Or, just laugh.

Relationship - Here's the beauty of this one...this entire list is completely moot without it. We were built for relationship because of relationship. Everything hinges on how we relate to one another. What we say. What we do. And, trust me, relationship works best when the relationship you're concerned least about is yourself. So, if it's humor, if it's beer, if it's peanut butter, if it's Jesus...share them all in relationship. Life is life only when it's shared.

Additionally, if you have yourself some adorable little princesses like you see here, here or here, etc...head on over to Jordon's Georgia Grace Designs and pick something up. I'm pretty sure if you don't, her girls might starve. How could you live with that over your head?