Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just stuck my toothbrush under the water cooler spicket at work in order to fill up the bottle in my opposite hand. Other than completely ineffective, do you know what that is? It's called preoccupation.

My mind and heart are incredibly full with the notion of reconciliation right now. Reconciliation has such extreme power in this world. I believe that to be because it's not of this world. In fact, it completely opposes things of the world. The world says..."Get yours." "Get even." Rarely does the world say "I forgive you. Let's decide to grow stronger in our relationship and use this damage for good."

It's been a bit of a theme in 2009 for Mrs. Blonde and I. Not the need for reconciliation between us. But, around us. (Not that we're immune from selfishly causing the other harm by putting ourselves above the other. It happens from time to time. But, it's not all too common. And, when it does happen, we have an understanding that it's to be dealt with immediately and put to rest. -- I digress.)

This week we found out that a dear friend was welcomed back home with his wife and kids after having been kicked out for almost three months. Things aren't perfect yet. Hearts still ache. But reconciliation is active. It's alive. It's well. Hope and Love are abound. That is beautiful. And, it's other-worldly.

Right now, Mrs. Blonde is at a court preceding as a character witness for a friend who is seeking justice for herself and her baby boy. To say it's an anxious time for them is a bit of an understatement. We have little control over how the situation will play out. But, we choose reconciliation in the form of justice. Time will tell.

When you choose to reconcile with another or seek to reconcile with another, you are, in effect, bringing more of Heaven here on earth. Of course the opposing decision (not choosing to reconcile) brings more hell here on earth. Hopefully, you're not in a position to consider such things right now and everything is all rainbows and bunny rabbits in your life. But, there will come a time when conflict occurs. When you hurt someone. When someone hurts you. When it does, what will you do?

Bring more Heaven to this place?...

or more hell?

I hope you choose humility. I hope you choose the most difficult thing. I hope you choose to forgive. I hope you choose to reconcile.


Anonymous said...

Wow Amos I didn't know you were a writer too. Nice job this is right on the money I think.


shelley landis said...

i love this:-)

Reconcilliation comes in all forms, for sure. In our urban community, racial divides have created a chasom between Christians in our neighborhood. Becuase of my heart and the heart of an African American pastor in our community, we are finally, after years of misunderstanding and noncommunicaiton, moving forward.
it has taken humility, it has taken the admitance that maybe i did something "wrong" and i m ay need to apologize. it has taken an opening up to potential criticism. But, i beleive that God has the power to heal through willing hearts.
And the byproduct of the healing will be the Spirit's further movement in the lives of our community members.