Thursday, July 30, 2009

lookin' LUSHciously Marilyn

I am sure you remember me ranting and raving over a line called LUSH. That is fresh, handmade, green and good for you. I love their products!

So I am blonde (Mrs. Blonde) and my hair gets really dry (scalp and hair) in the summer sun. So this product called the Marilyn Hair Treatment is perfect for me. It smells so yummy. All of their products do! And it has seriously made my hair softer and brighter. I am a natural blonde. I would like to blonder...but it costs too much. So, I'm on the every-four-months-get-my-hair-done plan. From the picture you can probably tell it is about time. (By the way, this picture was taken after a 30 minute run. I'm glad picture posting don't have scents).

It smells so amazing. I don't ever want to wash it out when I have it on. It has chamomile, lemon and saffron to brighten. Linseed mucilage for softer tresses. And fresh organic lemon juice for shine.

This product would be amazing for heavily sun damaged hair and styling/bleaching abuse. Or, if you just want to be a healthier natural blonde.

It is only $18.55. That is absolutely unheard of for a treatment mask. I have used mine 4 times and I think I will get 2 more treatments. They do say if you are really damaged to use more product.

Check out other's reviews on the product page as well.

Go buy your new hair mask and check out all of the LUSH products. And, sign up for LUSH e-news and receive exclusive offers at the bottom of their homepage. They are definitley becoming my favorite bath/body products!


Kristin said...

Is that picture really you? It doesn't look like you at all! I think it must be the angle. said...

It is really me...being silly...waiting for my mask to dry...why not take a picture of myself and post it!:)