Friday, May 29, 2009

brotherly love

1) The "love" part:

Today while bra shopping with my Momma (She bought. Spoiled! I know.) and the boys, LA insisted on pushing his brother's umbrella stroller through the store. I thought, "Alright, I'll try this until it completely fails." Much to my proud surprise, it was a dream. They both laughed and had fun. On the occasions the stroller's front wheels got hung up a changing floor landscape, LA would walk around to the front of the stroller, adjust the wheels to a straight position and assure his brother with, "It's alright (Boatboy). I'll take care of you." I could have melted! These moments make me love being a Momma!

2) The "brotherly" part: (read cynically)

This morning, prior to the Nana shopping venture, Boatboy had pulled himself up on the couch in our main living space. LA happened to be sitting on that same couch. After seeing his little brother's accomplishment, he took a pillow and smacked Boatboy's head so he fell backwards and hit the floor. An immediate spanking of the eldest, followed by consoling the youngest, followed by explanation to the eldest, followed by exhausted Momma trying not to lose her mind, etc.

This is all very new territory for Mr. Blonde and I. LA has always been a very easy even-keeled dude. We're attributing his new tendencies to two things...a) Boatboy started crawling a month ago and can get into anything of his brother's he wants...b) jealous of not enough Momma time when the now mobile Boatboy is present. Good thing for an amazing supportive husband, my Mom's wonderful advice and an ice cold brew!

Other thoughts? Advice?

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