Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#01 Boatboy

Today we celebrated Boatboy's first birthday race style at the track! It was an absolutely gorgeous day to celebrate his life with friends and family!

Part of the stroller brigade to start the morning.

Who knows...One day they might all pile into a station wagon together and head to the race.
The entire Blonde family. Mr got to squeeze out of work in 15 min. intervals a few times throughout the day.

The kids table getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"
What was left of his first cupcake ever. Think he liked it?
The birthday boy with Grandma and Nana.

Mr. Blonde started a tradition of getting a photo with LA each year during the Month of May in front of the same row of bricks with the Pagoda in the background. This year, Boatboy gets thrown into the mix too.

Happy birthday precious son! We love you so much

A huge thank you to Indy Racing League Guest Services! You know who you are and we so appreciate your willingness to host all us animals over lunchtime.


Rebecca said...

It looks like a wonderful day! Happy birthday to the little man!

designHER Momma said...

so sad that we had to miss the big event. But - as of today, we are officially on summer break and have no scheduled plans!

Shannon said...

Yes it was so wonderful and a memorable birthday party! Thank you to you guys! It was a treat for us. I saw LA on tv last night too on the 10pm fox news!! He is a STAR!! Thanks again!! Love you guys!

Kristin said...

I'm sad we missed it - it looked awesome! Happy birthday Boatboy!