Tuesday, May 19, 2009

shopping Manhattan without the traffic

Of course we all want toys that are both fun and aid in development for our children. Several times I've wondered if my boys should be playing with the toys they're playing with. Especially once Boatboy (11mos) got mobile and starting playing with LA's (2.5yrs) toys on a regular basis. It's also nice to know what toys are good quality age-appropriaate gifts to get for friends.

I have found a great company called Manhattan Toy. They are committed to providing quality toys and products that enrich our children's young lives and develop their minds. Manhattan Toy believes that playing in not only fun, it's essential to a child's cognitive, emotional and social development. Their website is so user friendly! It breaks every age and toy type into categories.

Boatboy loves his new Peek-Squeak Dog. This snuggly dog has great patterns and textures. It crinkles, squeaks and rattles. It even includes a little peek-a-boo bone. The teething rings have been a favorite for Boatboy. It even attaches to our car seat.

Manhattan Toy also has very high quality standards to ensure toys are both durable and safe. Prior to manufacturing, each Manhattan Toy design is thoroughly tested to comply with the most rigorous international standards for children’s products.

Additionally, when Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast back in the fall of 2005, Manhattan Toys sent 60,000 dolls to displaced little girls! Love that!

Head over to Manhattan Toy and browse around. Sign up for the email newsletter while you're at it. You may not need a toy right now, but bookmark the site for a later need.

Thanks Manhattan Toy!

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