Sunday, December 28, 2008

Titanic upset; Colts hold Tennessee to Zero

...but was it really? Neither of us really needed to win and it was basically our JV squad vs theirs. No offense, Sorgi. Scratch that...great offense, Sorgi. We're proud to say we at BPM have never doubted you and now have more reason that ever to maintain that opinion. Passer rating hovering around 90. Not too shabby, my man. Led the Horse to 23-0 today. Solid.

A few pics of our first ever sweet suite visit to Lucas Oil Stadium...

Out with the old. (And, by out we mean massive implosion)

And, in with the new. Thank you, taxpayers.

Amos was selected as one of four that got to head down to the field during the first quarter. The above shot is a photo after Addai ran one in for six Mr Blonde absolutely did NOT take. You see, taking any photos during the on-field experience was strictly PROHIBITED.

Big thanks to Crystal's outstanding client for the Christmas gift! And, to Sarah's splendid hospitality! We had a wonderful time!!

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