Saturday, December 27, 2008


One of LA's three gifts from us this Christmas was Elefun. And, he can't stop playing it! Mrs Blondes says it's been around for years but Mr Blonde had never seen it until it was opened beneath the tree a couple days ago.

Anybody ever played this? Perfect for almost all ages. Hasbro calls it ages 3 - 6, but we would call it ages 2 - dead. It's a riot and only $25 bucks brand new. Retail chains often run strong sales on game items too. You can pick them up used on ebay or Amazon for closer to $15. Money well spent. The four C batteries it takes is a bit much, but that fan has to be powerful enough to blow up the butterflies through a 5 foot elephant nose. So, we cut the makers some slack. Great product! Love the communal games like this.

Here is video of LA playing with his little cousin Raymond while the family watches on pre-Christmas dinner at our place.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the recommendation! This looks like a good birthday gift for Kurt's niece.

Medley Family said...

Owen got this for Christmas as well and he loves it...a 2 year old as I say 2 and up is good too. We got ours from Target for $18 and I think that was even regular price....Toys R Us had it on sale this week for $12 and may still for those of you wishing to pick it up. It's such a cute game!

poe family said...

Yes! We have this game, in fact LA probably played in Foust's basement with the other kids! It's a great toy to have around when you've got other kids coming to play...only drawback is that taller kids have the advantage. We love it.

pwdrd donuts said...

I remember picking up the butterflies CONSTANTLY when we had this game. I saw it in the store while shopping for Christmas presents and rolled my eyes at it. However, your video has redeemed it for me. That was cute!