Saturday, November 01, 2008


By the time Friday finally came, LA had been wearing his froggy costume almost every day for two weeks. And, thanks again to the awesome momma on Craig's List that gave us the costume for FREE! He loves it!

Froggy LA and Princess Ella playing in the leaves at a big party north of the city.


Boatboy was a pumpkin and so was Baby Sadie (Ella's little sis).

Huddle up for storytime!...

...and then complete breakdown. We're talking ...bawling and screaming. Pooh (Owen) is trying to figure out why in the world the Froggy just lost himself completely. All the other kids dressed up? Something he heard in the story? Did he think his Momma bailed on him? Don't know. Do know Mrs Blonde still counts herself pretty dang lucky. This is the first time LA has ever lost it to the point of needing to leave. At almost 2.5, that's not all that bad. But, leaving the party was indeed required.

Brother froggy and brother pumpkin.

Boatboy smiling at Dadda.

Froggy LA riding his bike around Papa and Nana's yard awaiting the trick-or-treaters.
Off to visit a couple neighbors while Amos and Crystal man the candy bowl for visitors.
Back from trick or treating and LA has a greeting for a little girl he was certainly fond of...

We had fun. Hope you did too!


Anonymous said...

CRYSTAL!!!! So ..I got an email that you update the blog. So I checked it (Thanks for signing me up by the way :)) cute pictures! I love the one at the end of all of you guys's a great photo! Miss you! Love you,

The Liller Family said...

I wondered where you disappeared to at the party - sorry LA had a meltdown, I was looking forward to catchin' up with you!

The boys looked super cute for Halloween though and that fam pic is awesome as usual! You guys are a "picture perfect" family anyway though - love it!

Shannon said...

We missed you guys after you left, but totally understood. That was P's reality last year and this year it got a little better with a lot of explanation!! It was so good to see you though!! Love ya, Shan