Sunday, May 10, 2009

To our Momma on Mommy's Day

Today we celebrate you with a short list of things we love about you...

* we have your pretty eyes

* daily craft and school time

* your culinary expertise

* the way you dance with us

* that you teach us about Jesus with not just words but action

* your patience; especially when you're tired or when you potty-trained me

* how you laugh over almost anything

* for keeping our clothes clean

* that you're consistent in guiding our behavoir

* for sacrificing your body to nurse and carry us in your belly

* for changing our diapers

* the way you love Dadda

(click on the montage above to enlarge)

Happy Mommy's Day!

We love you forever!
LA and Boatboy

PS - Dadda gave some money in your name to Love146 so other kids like us could be loved as well as you love us. See the card here.

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