Monday, May 11, 2009

Helio to lead the race; Boatboy does about-face

On Saturday, the boys and I headed to the track for the end of Pole Day. It was a great time watching the "VERY loud!" cars race around the track. LA's favorites were "the McDonald's car" (#02, Graham Rahal) "the green one" (#11, Tony Kanaan) and "the yellow one" (#67, Sarah Fisher).

So, it wasn't too loud, we hung out in the suite for about a half hour. Great times! There really is nothing like Pole Day. Those cars are so trimmed out to go as fast as possible for four laps. That's 10 miles averaging speeds of 223mph. Crazy! I'm glad Mr. Blonde just markets them and doesn't drive them.

To top the day off, my absolute favorite driver got The Pole! Go Helio! Great story here on Castroneves in the Indy Star from today's paper.

To celebrate Boatboy got to graduate to his new face-forward seat. Thank you garage sales! Five bucks! Wash it up. It's brand new. Love finding deals!

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The Liller Family said...

Gotta love it! Do they like the races as much as dada does? We'll be working once again the entire race weekend - if you guys are around, hanging out in those plush suites, come say hi!!!